Beauty hacks test: can you create bouncy curls with a bathrobe belt? | Anita Bhagwandas

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The hack
Creating overnight curls utilizing mundane items, portion minimising the harm from heated hairsbreadth appliances.

The promise
Producing “rag” ringlets with cloth strips has been done for centuries. But TikTok quality fans are present utilizing thing from socks to dressing gown ties. I’ve tried galore heatless curl-creation methods (Curlettes crochet rollers from Etsy are my staple), truthful tin a bathrobe necktie person the aforesaid effect?

The test
The archetypal night, I washed my hair, air-dried it (with a smidgen of L’Oreal Professionnel Techni.Art Bouncy And Tender, £16.50, for hold) and centre-parted it. Dividing my hairsbreadth into 2 sections – arsenic if I was plaiting it either broadside of my caput – I enactment the bathrobe necktie crossed my caput and utilized each extremity arsenic the 3rd strand of a brace of plaits, securing the ends with hairsbreadth bands. I hardly noticed them successful the nighttime and woke with plaits intact. But aft I removed the belt, my fine, frizzy hairsbreadth had fuzzy, haphazard waves. The adjacent night, I tried utilizing a sock (YouTube has a batch of techniques). This made a tighter curl, but level connected apical with measurement connected the sides. I looked similar Krusty the Clown.

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The verdict
Most of those lauding this inclination person straight, thick, Caucasian hair, though a pal with afro-textured hairsbreadth swears by drinking straws for her choky ringlets. There volition beryllium thing that works for your hairsbreadth retired there. But for now, my bathrobe is champion kept successful the bathroom.