Bella DeNapoli: 5 Things To Know About ‘The Voice’ Season 21 Standout

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November 1, 2021 3:33PM EDT

Bella DeNapoli is 1 of the singers to ticker connected ‘The Voice’ play 21. Her unthinkable vocals marque her a prima connected the rise. Here’s what you request to cognize astir this talented contestant.

Get acceptable to perceive much terrific vocals from Bella DeNapoli. The 22-year-old vocalist volition beryllium returning to The Voice signifier for the last circular of Knockouts connected November 1. Bella archetypal made an content connected the coaches during her stellar Blind Audition, and present she’s conscionable 1 measurement distant from the Live Shows.

So, who is Bella DeNapoli? She’s been progressive with euphony for years now. From her Blind Audition to her background, HollywoodLife has rounded up 5 cardinal things to cognize astir Bella.

Bella DeNapoliBella DeNapoli connected ‘The Voice.’ (NBC)

1. Bella got a 3-chair turn.

Bella started her travel connected The Voice with her unsocial instrumentality connected Danity Kane’s deed opus “Damaged.” Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, and Ariana Grande each turned their chairs for Bella. “I felt similar I could person been astatine your show,” Kelly told Bella astir her performance. Ariana added, “Your power is great. Your biggest moments are your loudest moments.” Bella ended up picking Ariana arsenic her coach!

2. Bella is from New York.

Bella was calved and raised successful West Islip, New York. She comes from a “large and large Italian family,” according to her NBC bio. After she graduated precocious school, Bella acceptable her sights connected a vocation arsenic a signaling popular artist.

3. She comes from a philharmonic family.

Bella grew up with euphony each astir her. Her parents were successful a play stone band, and she got her archetypal sensation of performing with them. She began participating successful philharmonic theatre erstwhile she was successful 2nd grade. When she was 15, Bella joined a miss radical and was signed to a grounds label, but it didn’t enactment out.

4. Bella auditioned for ‘The Voice’ 7 times.

Bella began auditioning for The Voice erstwhile she was 16 years, according to News12 New Jersey. She auditioned 7 times earlier making it to the Blind Auditions. Her performances person proven that she decidedly has what it takes to beryllium music’s adjacent large thing!

Bella DeNapoliBella DeNapoli during her Blind Audition. (NBC)

5. Bella has already released her ain music. 

The vocalist has released 3 singles truthful acold — “I Wanna,” “When We Fell In Love,” and “You Should Be.” Aside from what we’ve seen connected The Voice, Bella has besides performed astonishing covers of songs similar “Watermelon Sugar,” “Jealous,” and “Yummy.”