Bella Thorne Packs On PDA With Two-Timing Woman For Sexy ‘In You’ Video With Juicy J

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November 6, 2021 11:55AM EDT

Bella Thorne conscionable dropped her ace sexy video for ‘In You’ with Juicy J, which featured her rapping!

Bella Thorne, 24, is rapping connected her caller way with Juicy J, 46! The Disney alum wrote and directed the accompanying 4 infinitesimal video, which includes plentifulness of PDA with a pistillate emotion involvement that also happens to beryllium seeing Juicy. The 2 ladies are featured successful assorted acceptable ups done the video, released connected Nov. 4, including a chamber and nightclub.

Bella Thorne successful her ‘In You’ video. (Courtesy of YouTube)

In 1 scene, the stunning reddish caput rocks a lingerie set arsenic she and her person — besides clad successful achromatic lingerie — airs connected a bed. At 1 point, Bella appears to beryllium giving her oral sex. In a aboriginal scene, they astir fastener lips successful a nightclub arsenic they creation seductively and instrumentality selfies.

The lyrics, however, bespeak Bella’s disorder implicit the narration arsenic the pistillate seemingly doesn’t respond to her calls oregon texts.  “I miss you erstwhile I’m successful you (In you)/
Tell maine wherefore wе can’t continue? (‘tinue)/No reply to the texts I sent you/No regards to the s— we been through,” she raps.

Bella Thorne astir kisses her emotion involvement successful the video. (Courtesy of YouTube)

She past ponders if the miss truly “loves” her (as does Juicy). “Do you truly emotion me? (Ooh)/Or it’s nothin’? (Ooh)/Only clip you accidental you emotion maine (Ooh)/Is erstwhile we f——-’ (Ooh),” she says successful the chorus. Juicy is experiencing the aforesaid ordeal with her because, of course, they’re being two-timed. In an bureau scene, it’s revealed that Juicy and Bella enactment together. The Shake It Up actress calls the pistillate during a little intermission from the music, exclaiming, “She sent maine to voicemail! That’s truly messed up!”

Bella, who is engaged to Benjamin Mascolo, has antecedently opened up astir being pansexual. “I’m really pansexual, and I didn’t cognize that…Somebody explained to maine truly thoroughly what that is,” she said on Good Morning America back successful 2016. She went connected to item that means she sexually favors someone’s property much than their carnal body. “You similar beings. You similar what you like. Doesn’t person to beryllium a miss oregon a feline oregon a helium oregon she oregon they oregon this oregon that. It’s virtually you similar personality. You conscionable similar a being,” she added. Bella antecedently came retired arsenic bisexual successful 2016.