Ben Sasse Responds After Reports He’s Set to Resign From Senate

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Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.) connected Oct. 6 indicated he’ll judge a presumption astatine the University of Florida aft reports that helium would resign from the Senate.

Sasse, 50, said that the University of Florida “is uniquely positioned to pb this state done an epoch of disruption” and that the “partisanship” successful Washington “isn’t going to solve” workforce challenges.

He besides said helium was delighted to beryllium nether information to beryllium president of the university.

Reports emerged earlier Thursday that Sasse is going to resign from the Senate to instrumentality the imaginable occupation offer. They were chiefly based connected anonymous sources, though erstwhile Sasse aide Ian Swanson, who present hosts a vigor amusement connected KFAB, besides said Sasse would measurement down.

Sasse’s bureau declined to comment.

The University of Florida said its committee charged with uncovering its adjacent president lone recommended 1 sanction to its Board of Trustees: Ben Sasse.

“This is close for the University of Florida, close for the authorities of Florida and close for the Sasse family,” Rahul Patel, seat of the Presidential Search Committee, said successful a statement. “Ben brings intelligence curiosity, a content successful the powerfulness and imaginable of American universities, and an unmatched way grounds of enactment spanning higher education, authorities and the backstage sector.”

Sasse was re-elected successful 2020. Senate presumption are six years.

Under Nebraska law, the politician of the authorities would name a replacement if either Senate spot representing Nebraska becomes vacant. A peculiar predetermination would beryllium held down the roadworthy for voters to take who serves the remainder of the term.

Pete Ricketts, a Republican, is the politician of Nebraska.

The Senate is presently composed of 50 Republicans and 50 Democrats oregon nominal independents who regularly ballot with the Democrats. The Democrats clasp power of the precocious enclosure since Vice President Kamala Harris is simply a Democrat. In her relation arsenic president of the Senate, she tin formed tiebreaking votes.

Sasse was 1 of 7 Republican senators who voted to convict erstwhile President Donald Trump aft Trump was impeached by the House of Representatives successful 2021. Sasse was aboriginal censured by the Lincoln County Republican Party for the ballot and criticized by the Nebraska Republican Party.

“The Nebraska Republican Party Central Committee expresses its heavy disappointment and sadness with respect to the work of Senator Ben Sasse and calls for an contiguous readjustment whereby helium represents the radical of Nebraska to Washington and not Washington to the radical of Nebraska,” the enactment said successful a resolution.

Trump supported Sasse successful the 2020 election, but Sasse said astatine the clip helium “must ballot to convict” due to the fact that helium believed Trump lied astir elector fraud and that Trump’s acts led to the Jan. 6, 2021, breach of the U.S. Capitol.

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