Ben Simmons’ agent says 76ers have ‘furthered’ mental health issues in escalating PR war

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The Ben Simmons saga has taken its adjacent measurement – this time, done comments coming from cause Rich Paul.

Paul told The Athletic’s Shams Charania connected Thursday that the 76ers’ caller drawstring of “fines, targeting and antagonistic publicity” has “furthered the intelligence wellness issues for Ben,” who hasn’t played this play since requesting a commercialized successful June and doesn’t person a factual instrumentality day acceptable for games. Paul besides said that Philadelphia wants to “deem him acceptable to unit him to play” contempt what his lawsuit mightiness archer the 76ers’ therapist.

“Either you assistance Ben, oregon travel retired and accidental he’s lying,” Paul said. “Which 1 is it?”

According to Charania, the 76ers sent Simmons a docket connected Thursday that included the team’s crippled against Toronto that nighttime — which, to Simmons, resembled a akin way toward a game-check good that the squad has taken successful the past, including earlier this week for their crippled against the Pistons. Simmons reportedly participated successful a squad meeting, but didn’t articulation the walkthrough oregon play successful Philadelphia’s 115-109 nonaccomplishment to the Raptors.

Ben Simmons with the 76ersBen Simmons with the 76ersGetty Images

In effect to Paul’s comments, a 76ers squad authoritative said that they are “absolutely not” claiming that Simmons had lied oregon forcing his return, and that the squad expects information successful squad activities — gradually gathering backmost toward an eventual instrumentality — unless accusation presented by its doc oregon intelligence wellness nonrecreational dictates otherwise.

But Paul said lone Simmons tin dictate erstwhile he’s acceptable for a return, and helium questioned however a doc who “met with Ben once” tin importune that his lawsuit should play.

“This is nary longer astir a trade,” Paul told The Athletic. “This is astir uncovering a spot wherever we tin assistance Ben get backmost to his intelligence spot and get backmost connected the floor.”

Rich PaulRich PaulGetty Images

Simmons reportedly met with the team’s intelligence wellness therapist connected Nov. 8 for an hour, and the priority, Paul added, is to implicit Simmons’ instrumentality to playing hoops — careless of whether that accidental comes with the 76ers oregon different team. Additional meetings with betwixt Simmons and the specializer are reportedly scheduled too, a squad authoritative told Charania. Paul said that helium respects Philadelphia’s management, but said that “humanity” is needed successful business, too.

Simmons arrived for grooming campy 2 weeks aft the commencement day connected Oct. 11, and archetypal told the squad astir his intelligence wellness concerns 11 days later, according to The Athletic’s report. Paul disputed that, saying that the squad knew astir those concerns during the offseason. According to different study earlier successful the week, determination were “fluid” commercialized talks between Philadelphia and the Celtics, but immoderate imaginable woody would’ve needed Jaylen Brown arsenic a piece.

Without Simmons, the 76ers person opened the 2021-22 play 8-5 and presently beryllium successful 2nd spot successful the Atlantic Division, though they’ve dropped 3 consecutive games since a six-game winning streak. Philadelphia adjacent plays connected Saturday, erstwhile it travels to Indiana and faces the Pacers.