Ben Simmons is finding all sorts of reasons not to play for 76ers

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Ben Simmons won’t beryllium playing successful the Sixers’ location opener connected Friday against the Nets.

Simmons was thrown retired of signifier connected Tuesday and suspended for their archetypal crippled against New Orleans erstwhile helium reportedly refused to enactment successful a drill.

Simmons didn’t instrumentality portion successful a scheduled idiosyncratic workout connected Thursday, according to Multiple reports stated that Simmons is complaining of backmost issues and got treated for it connected Thursday.

The Athletic reported that Simmons “is not mentally acceptable to play for the team,” helium volition not play successful Friday’s location opener against the Nets and it is unclear erstwhile helium volition suit up for the 76ers. ESPN added that Simmons is expected to conscionable with squad brass aboriginal Friday “to sermon his playing status.”

These backmost issues, of course, travel successful the midst of a firestorm, arsenic Simmons tries to unit his mode retired of Philadelphia. The hatred toward the constituent forward, who disappeared successful the Sixers’ playoff nonaccomplishment to Atlanta past summer, is reaching a boiling constituent successful the city. Eagles halfway Jason Kelce adjacent touched on it connected Thursday.

Ben Simmons is being treated for a backmost  wounded   arsenic  helium  pushes for a commercialized   distant  from 76ers.Ben Simmons is being treated for a backmost wounded arsenic helium pushes for a commercialized distant from 76ers.Robert Sabo

“There’s a batch of radical who accidental it’s a hard spot to play. I deliberation it’s beauteous f–king easy, to beryllium honorable with you,” Kelce told reporters. “You conscionable spell retired determination and play hard. You privation to beryllium loved successful this metropolis arsenic a shot player? Run to archetypal base. They’re gonna f–king emotion you. I mean, that’s what it comes down to.

“If you spell up determination and marque a clump of excuses, if you travel up present and effort to prevarication to them and enactment similar they don’t cognize what they’re talking astir — which, sometimes they don’t — erstwhile you enactment that mode oregon erstwhile you aren’t accountable if you’re making mistakes, oregon erstwhile you’re not getting amended oregon thing similar that, they’re going to crush you.”

Simmons seems to beryllium falling into that trap, this expected backmost tightness being the latest episode.