Ben Simmons takes ‘first step’ to rebuilding 76ers relationships

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Ben Simmons’ teammates with the 76ers publically supported the All-Star constituent defender aft helium told them successful a squad gathering earlier Friday’s crippled against the Nets that he’s “not mentally acceptable to play.”

Simmons, who requested a commercialized implicit the summer, was kicked retired of practice and suspended for the play opener earlier successful the week for behaviour detrimental to the team.

“I deliberation it’s evidently a bully start,” guardant Tobias Harris told reporters said pursuing the Sixers’ nonaccomplishment to Brooklyn. “I deliberation astatine this clip we person to respect his privacy, his space. We’ve got to beryllium determination for him passim what he’s going done and his process.

“I deliberation it’s casual to look astatine thing connected the aboveground and travel to assumptions connected a batch of things, particularly [with] athletes. In wide successful this space, you’re depicted arsenic super-humans and not truly expected to person feelings oregon spell done anything. So I deliberation we conscionable truly person to recognize he’s a quality first.”

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All-Star halfway Joel Embiid mentioned Simmons portion addressing the assemblage astatine Wells Fargo Center earlier the game, thanking fans “for supporting america and our teammate Ben due to the fact that he’s inactive our brother.”

After the nonaccomplishment to Brooklyn, Embiid, echoed Harris’ words and said the Sixers are a “better” squad with Simmons successful the lineup.

“That’s the archetypal step. That’s a step,” Embiid said of Simmons addressing the team. “Like I ever say, that’s connected the beforehand office. Hopefully they fig retired what’s champion for the team, due to the fact that this is simply a business. We’re trying to find ways to win.

“For us, we person a large opportunity. And similar I ever say, we are amended with him. I wouldn’t caput playing with him. I cognize my teammates besides wouldn’t due to the fact that astatine the extremity of the day, we’re conscionable trying to win.”