Best bird a bat: tiny flying mammal wins New Zealand bird of the year competition

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In a immense upset to New Zealand birds, but a triumph for 1 of the country’s lone autochthonal onshore mammals, a bat has swooped successful “by a agelong way” to instrumentality retired the yearly vertebrate of the twelvemonth competition.

Forest and Bird, which runs the election, thew the bat among the pigeons arsenic a astonishment entry this year. The pekapeka-tou-roa, oregon agelong tailed bat, is 1 of 2 bats successful the state and 1 of the rarest mammals successful the world. It is arsenic tiny arsenic a thumb, and the size of a bumblebee erstwhile it is born.

The voting closed connected Sunday night, which appropriately was Halloween. Forest and Bird’s Lissy Fehnker-Heather announced the triumph to RNZ’s Morning Report connected Monday.

The pekapeka-tou-roa flew up of the avian flock by 3,000 votes, she said, adding that this year’s contention drew the highest fig of full votes successful the competition’s 17 twelvemonth history.

“We had astir 58,000 votes and they came from each astir the world,” she said.

On being asked whether the bat’s introduction was a stunt, Fehnker-Heather said: “No, bats are New Zealand’s lone autochthonal onshore mammals, and they are classed arsenic nationally critical. They look a batch of the aforesaid threats that our autochthonal birds do, truthful this year, we thought we’ll effort and get much radical alert of that.”

Rats, possums, stoats and cats are each a large menace to the species, and liable for its colonisation declining by astir 5% a year, she said.

NOOOOOOO!!!!! The pekapeka (long-tailed bat) won vertebrate of the year! I genuinely yelled retired large similar Luke uncovering retired who his begetter was. This volition not stand. This predetermination was stolen. The victor tin lone beryllium Kereru. #BirdoftheYear

— Erica Challis (@challis_erica) October 31, 2021

The bat whitethorn person been helped successful the polls by almighty backers: New Zealand’s ministry of situation announced it was endorsing the pekapeka campaign.

In 2nd place, was the world’s lone the lone nocturnal and flightless parrot and past year’s champion, the kākāpō. In 3rd was the tītipounamu, oregon rifleman, considered by Māori to beryllium the messenger to the gods. In fourth, was the cheeky Kea, the world’s lone alpine parrot, known for destroying cars and being exceptionally clever. In 5th spot was the Antipodean Albatross, 1 of New Zealand’s largest seabirds.

There's truly thing much New Zealand than:
a) having a heated vertebrate of the twelvemonth comp each year
b) putting a bat successful the comp, which is not a vertebrate but does alert truthful adjacent capable I guess
c) everyone voting for the not bird

Looking guardant to adjacent twelvemonth erstwhile Tuatara takes the win

— Cassie (@shortcasserole) October 31, 2021

The yearly contention is nary alien to controversy.

In 2019, the accomplishment of hundreds of votes from Russia sparked claims of predetermination meddling. The votes were yet judged legitimate, and a Forest and Bird spokesperson said astatine the clip that involvement from Russian ornithologists whitethorn beryllium responsible.

The twelvemonth before, Forest and Bird alleged that 300 fraudulent votes were formed successful the online ballot by Australians attempting to rig the contention successful favour of the shag.

Fehnker-Heather demured connected whether further threatened flying taxon specified arsenic bees would beryllium included aboriginal competitions, saying lone that “it wouldn’t beryllium Bird of the Year without a scandal”.