BHP proposal to extend Queensland coalmine until 2116 ‘delusional’, activists say

3 months ago 23

Activists accidental a connection from BHP to widen a metallurgical coalmine successful Queensland by up to 93 years is “delusional”.

The institution has applied to grow its Peak Downs excavation successful the Bowen basin, which it operates successful a associated task with Mitsubishi.

Under the proposal, the excavation would beryllium expanded into a caller country of the tract covering astir 4,000 hectares. It would impact clearing of situation for the endangered koala, greater glider and different threatened species.

In a referral submitted to the national situation department, the institution says the latest extremity day for the project, if approved, would beryllium 2116.

Harriet Kater, the clime pb astatine the Australasian Centre for Corporate Responsibility, said the determination to widen the excavation for 93 years was “delusional” and “it’s hard to ideate anyone had a consecutive look erstwhile they keyed those dates in”.

“What portion of nett zero by 2050 does [BHP] not understand?” she said.

“The institution has been speaking retired some sides of its rima connected clime alteration for excessively long.

“It is hard to ideate that BHP’s cautiously curated estimation for clime enactment tin withstand specified decisions for overmuch longer.”

The connection comes contempt BHP saying successful August that immoderate BMA (BHP Mitsubishi Alliance) metallurgical ember maturation was on clasp aft changes to Queensland’s assets royalty scheme.

The institution has nevertheless antecedently indicated it does not judge high-quality coking ember request is apt to trim immoderate clip soon.

In August, BHP sought national support to physique different metallurgical coalmine south of Blackwater successful cardinal Queensland. That task would tally for up to 90 years.

“BHP’s attempts to grow its Peak Downs task and excavation ember for different 93 years show however hollow its caller threats were implicit the Queensland Government’s humble royalties increase,” said Ellie Smith, the spokesperson for Lock the Gate Alliance Queensland.

Smith said the connection had been submitted to the national authorities successful the aforesaid week the situation and h2o minister, Tanya Plibersek had launched a caller threatened taxon enactment program promising nary caller extinctions of immoderate Australian wildlife.

“Unfortunately, this [proposal] besides means the galore threatened animals successful the way of BHP’s planned enlargement look a existent threat.”

Comment has been sought from BHP.