Biden Admin Threatens to Stop Florida From Defunding School Districts That Require Masks

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The U.S. Department of Education connected Monday said it would instrumentality “enforcement actions” if Florida doesn’t region fiscal sanctions connected schoolhouse districts that are acting successful usurpation of authorities rules astir mask mandates.

The informing comes weeks aft the Florida State Board of Education unanimously voted to o.k. further punishment for schoolhouse districts that stay non-compliant with Florida’s disguise policies, which springiness parents the last accidental connected whether their children deterioration a disguise astatine school. The authorities has already withheld schoolhouse committee members’ salaries successful immoderate districts that don’t let students to opt-out of disguise mandates done parental requests.

The caller punishment, recommended by Florida Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran, specifically targets districts that instrumentality wealth from a national assistance designed to assistance schoolhouse officials retrieve from penalties related to disguise and different COVID-19 restrictions they enactment successful place.

“I petition that it see the authorisation of withholding authorities funds successful an magnitude adjacent to 1/12 of each schoolhouse committee members’ salaries, arsenic good arsenic withholding authorities funds successful an magnitude adjacent to immoderate national assistance funds awarded to the [school district] for its noncompliance with [state disguise rules],” Corcoran said successful a memo sent to schoolhouse districts.

Now, the national authorities warned that if Florida moves guardant with the fiscal sanctions, the authorities would beryllium successful usurpation of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965.

“A State shall not instrumentality into information payments nether this Act … successful determining … the magnitude of State aid, with respect to escaped nationalist acquisition of children,” Ian Rosenblum, the lawman adjunct caput for argumentation and programs astatine the Education Department, wrote successful a missive to Corcoran.

Florida’s cutbacks are affecting schoolhouse districts successful astatine slightest 8 counties, including Alachua and Broward counties. Alachua County Public Schools became the archetypal successful the federation to person funds from the national assistance known arsenic Project SAFE (Supporting America’s Families and Educators) erstwhile it was awarded $147,719 to screen the penalties.

“If FLDOE moves guardant with its planned simplification of authorities assistance to Alachua and Broward, the section is prepared to initiate enforcement enactment to halt these impermissible authorities actions,” Rosenblum said. He didn’t specify what enactment the national authorities is considering to take.

In a connection to The Epoch Times, the Florida Department of Education dismissed the missive arsenic “harrassing” and “legally hollow.”

“Yes, we received different harassing and legally hollow missive from U.S. DOE, and again we volition proceed forward, lawfully,” said Jared Ochs, Director of Communications and External Affairs astatine Florida Department of Education.

Meanwhile, Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo besides precocious questioned whether information really suggests that disguise mandates assistance halt the dispersed of COVID-19 successful schools.

“In presumption of the information that supports disguise usage successful kids and mandates for masking kids, it is precise anemic and that’s a fact,” Ladapo, who became the authorities surgeon wide successful September, said astatine an Oct. 20 event with Gov. Ron DeSantis. “There is simply a important spread betwixt the prime of information retired determination supporting masking kids yielding immoderate payment for kids, whatsoever, factual, and what we’re proceeding from immoderate of our nationalist wellness enactment successful different states and nationally.”

“In Florida, we are going to enactment adjacent to the information and we’re going to fto you cognize however we consciousness astir the data,” helium continued. “The information bash not enactment immoderate objective payment for children successful schools with disguise mandates. The highest prime information find nary grounds of benefit.”

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