Biden Administration Killed Cuba’s Democratization: Cuba Expert

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Cuba’s antiauthoritarian protests made planetary headlines a fewer months ago, but past abruptly disappeared. Marcell Felipe, a Cuba adept and an progressive assemblage person among Cuban Americans, claims it’s the Biden medication that killed the democratization process successful Cuba.

Felipe is an lawyer and the laminitis of the Inspire America Foundation, an enactment dedicated to promoting ideology successful Cuba and the Americas. In 2019 helium was appointed by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to service connected the Board of Trustees of Miami Dade College, 1 of the largest colleges successful the nation.

“The Biden medication truly killed it,” Felipe told NTD’s “Capitol Report” programme during the National Conservatism Conference successful Orlando.

“It’s, rather frankly, was an unprecedented protest. You had thousands, tens of thousands of mean Cubans protesting against the authorities that is known for sidesplitting anyone who opposes it—a Stalinist authorities successful the 21st century,” Felipe said. “So it was truly an bonzer moment.”

“A batch of Cuban Americans thought that the Biden medication would instrumentality this aureate opportunity, not conscionable to bash thing close by the Cuban people, but to power the electoral tide successful Florida,” Felipe continued.

Felipe explained that Florida is considered a plaything authorities for astir elections decided by 1 percent of the vote. With little than 40 percent of Florida Cuban Americans being registered Republicans, immoderate Democratic campaigner that gets 40 percent positive of the Cuban American votes usually wins the state. He said Cuban Americans are 6 percent of the registered voters adjacent they lone correspond 3 percent of the population. “We’re committed voters,” Felipe said.

“It would person been a no-brainer for President Biden to truly instrumentality a hard-line attack connected Cuba, basal with the Cuban people, it would person changed the electoral map,” Felipe continued. “It made each governmental consciousness until you recognize the power that the Marxist wrong the Democratic Party person gained, and what the blowback would beryllium to President Biden. That truly tells you all.”

“The Democratic Party has failed to fortify its basal and instead, fortify the Marxist basal wrong their party, astatine their ain peril,” Felipe said.

“We truly believed that the Biden medication would measurement up and code straight the Cuban generals and archer them ‘this is the clip either to broadside with the caller Cuban Republic oregon to beryllium the past dictators of a fallen regime.’ Unfortunately, the Biden medication chose to talk to the Cuban authorities alternatively than the Cuban radical oregon the military,” Felipe continued, saying the accidental was wasted.

The Epoch Times has contacted the White House for comment.

The Biden medication has been criticized for its effect to Cuba’s protests that started connected July 11.

At first, an acting adjunct caput astatine the State Department described Cuba’s anti-government, anti-communism protestation arsenic an assembly against COVID-19 deaths and medicine shortages. Her words drew fierce criticism.

During a July 21 Fox News Townhall, Rep. Maria Salazar (R-Fla.) and Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) criticized Biden for not gathering them adjacent aft 10 days of the protests erupting.

“We’re precise frustrated,” Salazar said.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis besides joined the Town Hall and called connected the Biden medication to instrumentality much actions, particularly to help provide net entree to each Cubans.

But Biden is “basically conscionable sitting determination doing nothing” and “leaving these folks retired to dry,” DeSantis alleged.

Epoch Times Photo A antheral is arrested during the enactment of revolutionary reaffirmation successful Havana, Cuba, connected July 17, 2021. (Yamil Lage/AFP via Getty Images)

On July 30, the Biden medication announced sanctions against Cuba’s national-revolutionary constabulary and its apical 2 officials.

“We perceive the cries of state coming from the island. The United States is taking concerted enactment to bolster the origin of the Cuban people,” President Joe Biden said astatine the time.

On Aug. 13, the White House announced a caller circular of sanctions against apical Cuban officials and forces.

Cultural Marxism Has Been Eating America Away

Felipe described however taste Marxism has been precise progressive successful the United States for a agelong time.

“Organized taste Marxism has been precise contiguous and precise progressive successful the United States for implicit 60 years, and some parties person failed to denounce it,” said Felipe, adding that was portion of a program conceived by Antonio Gramsci.

Gramsci was an Italian Marxist philosopher who was known for his mentation of utilizing taste hegemony alternatively of unit to power society.

“Antonio Gramsci is simply a communist who believed that Stalin and Marx had it each wrong, and Lenin had it each wrong. But successful fact, if you truly wanted to alteration a society, you had to statesman by destroying its culture, by attacking each institution, by getting your cardinal radical successful positions of power, successful academia, successful the media—and past dilatory eating distant astatine those institutions,” Felipe said.

“Unfortunately, our governmental parties person been each excessively consenting to debar the fight,” Felipe said. “And with each caller concession, we get a small spot person to their last goal.”

Felipe gave an illustration of however taste Marxism has been carried retired incrementally.

“They volition begin, for example, to say, fto america instrumentality down the statutes of Robert E. Lee. And a batch of Democrats and Republicans alike—in bid to bring immoderate benignant of measurement of bid and stability—will say, well, aft all, helium was a Confederate; helium was a rebel against the Union, if it means that overmuch of the different side, let’s conscionable springiness in.”

Epoch Times Photo Crews region the torso of Confederate General Robert E. Lee, 1 of the country’s largest remaining monuments to the Confederacy, connected Monument Avenue successful Richmond, Va., connected Sept. 8, 2021. (Steve Helber/AP Photo)

“Problem is that erstwhile you do, arsenic galore places did, past they’ll adjacent inquire you to springiness up the statue of Ulysses S. Grant who fought against slavery,” Felipe said. “And if you springiness into that, past beauteous soon, you’re going to extremity up having to renounce the Founding Fathers, the U.S. Constitution, until determination is thing other near for america to defend, oregon until they consciousness empowered capable to uncover their existent identity.”

Felipe said it’s precise unsafe “and until we request that our elected officials commencement behaving little similar politicians, and much similar leaders, we’re going to proceed to spot a batch much of it.”

Steve Lance and Mini Nguyen Ly contributed to this report.

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