Biden Compares Putin’s Alleged Threat to Use Nuclear Weapons in Ukraine to Cuban Missile Crisis

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U.S. President Joe Biden connected Thursday night compared Russian President Vladimir Putin’s alleged threats to use nuclear weapons successful Ukraine to the imaginable “armageddon” of the Cuban rocket situation of 1962.

Speaking to Democrat donors, Biden invoked the specter of the Cuban rocket situation portion remarking connected the authorities of the Russia–Ukraine war, arsenic Ukraine’s forces recapture much territory successful the country’s south.

Biden said that helium and U.S. officials are trying to enactment retired a diplomatic “off-ramp” for Putin arsenic Russia’s penetration is characterized arsenic unraveling.

“We’re trying to fig retired what is Putin’s off-ramp … Where does helium find a mode out? Where does helium find himself successful a presumption helium does not, not lone suffer face, but suffer important powerfulness successful Russia,” Biden said.

The president warned that Putin wasn’t joking erstwhile helium spoke astir the tactical usage of nuclear weapons successful September, calling it the biggest atomic menace since the October 1962 Cuban rocket crisis.

“[Putin’s] not joking erstwhile helium talks astir [the] imaginable usage of tactical atomic weapons oregon biologic oregon chemic weapons, due to the fact that his subject is, you mightiness say, is importantly underperforming,” Biden said.

Biden said that “for the archetypal clip since the Cuban rocket crisis, we person a nonstop menace to the usage of atomic weapons” if things proceed “down the path” they’re going.

“We person not faced the imaginable of armageddon since Kennedy and the Cuban rocket crisis,” helium added.

The Cuban rocket situation was a 35-day standoff successful October 1962 betwixt the Soviet Union and the United States, which came adjacent to using nuclear weapons successful effect to the beingness of Soviet missiles successful Cuba.

What Putin Said

While Putin’s remarks successful September suggested that Russia would usage each weapons successful its arsenal against Ukraine successful bid to support its territorial integrity, helium did not specifically telephone for utilizing atomic weapons.

However, different Russian authorities were more explicitincluding former President Dmitry Medvedev and Chechen person Ramzan Kadyrov.

In his speech, Putin said: “If the territorial integrity of our federation is threatened, we volition surely usage each the means that we person to support Russia and our people. It’s not a bluff.”

Biden’s appraisal connected Thursday nighttime appears to beryllium astatine likelihood with some the U.S. Intelligence Community and erstwhile statements made by the White House.

The White House has said repeatedly that it has seen nary denotation that Russia is preparing to use nuclear weapons successful its struggle with Ukraine contempt what it calls Putin’s nuclear saber-rattling.”

CIA Director William Burns told CBS News that portion they instrumentality Putin’s comments “very seriously,” the Intelligence Community saw nary “practical evidence” that Moscow “is moving person to existent use” of atomic weapons.

There is besides nary “imminent menace of utilizing tactical atomic weapons” successful the seven-month-long Ukraine war, helium added.

But Biden’s comments connected Thursday bespeak helium is keeping an oculus connected Putin successful airy of Ukraine’s subject making gains against Russian invaders.

Biden made his remarks astatine the location of businessman James Murdoch, the lad of billionaire media mogul Rupert Murdoch, successful a bid to boost his party’s chances astatine the November midterms.

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