Biden DOJ Sues Texas Over Election Reform Law

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The Department of Justice announced Thursday it filed a suit against Texas and its caput of authorities implicit parts of an predetermination betterment bill Gov. Greg Abbott signed into authorities instrumentality successful September.

The ailment (pdf) alleges that the measures, besides referred to arsenic Texas Senate Bill 1, interruption Section 208 of the Voting Rights Act by “improperly restricting” assistance to voters with a disablement oregon are incapable to work oregon write in the polling booth, the DOJ announced.

Specifically, radical assisting the voters who request assistance to capable retired their ballot must, nether SB1, instrumentality a longer revised oath that has six caller oregon revised requirements, including the removal of erstwhile connection astir answering voters’ questions.

In the complaint, the DOJ alleges that by requiring the revised oath, the measurement “prohibits assistors from answering a voter’s questions, explaining the voting process, paraphrasing analyzable language, and providing different forms of voting assistance that immoderate qualified voters necessitate to formed an informed and effectual vote.”

The DOJ ailment besides says that SB1 violates Section 101 of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 due to the fact that it requires that message ballots and message ballot petition forms beryllium rejected if determination are definite paperwork errors oregon omissions that the DOJ says “are not worldly to establishing a voter’s eligibility to formed a ballot.”

Specifically, SB1 requires new recognition fig requirements for some message ballot applications and message ballot bearer envelopes; voters indispensable supply the fig of their driver’s licence or the past 4 digits of their Social Security number. The DOJ acknowledged successful the suit that anterior to SB1, Texas “did not necessitate an recognition papers fig oregon partial societal information fig to found qualifications to ballot successful an predetermination oregon to formed a message ballot.”

The Justice Department says specified requirements mean ballots person a higher accidental of being wrongly rejected, thereby rejecting immoderate eligible voters.

The ailment asks the tribunal to prohibit Texas from enforcing the 2 provisions.

“Our ideology depends connected the close of eligible voters to formed a ballot and to person that ballot counted,” Attorney General Merrick Garland said successful a statement. “The Justice Department volition proceed to usage each the authorities astatine its disposal to support this cardinal pillar of our society.”

Assistant Attorney General Kristen Clarke for the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division said that it is “committed to protecting the cardinal close to ballot for each Americans.”

“Laws that impair eligible citizens’ entree to the ballot container person nary spot successful our democracy. Texas SB1’s restrictions connected elector assistance astatine the polls and connected which absentee ballots formed by eligible voters tin beryllium accepted by predetermination officials are unlawful and indefensible,” Clarke said successful a statement.

Republicans power some legislative chambers successful Texas arsenic good arsenic the governor’s mansion.

In a effect to the lawsuit, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton wrote, “Biden is coming aft Texas for SB1, our precocious enacted predetermination integrity law. It’s a large and a much-needed bill. Ensuring Texas has safe, secure, and transparent elections is simply a apical precedence of mine. I volition spot you successful court, Biden!”

Abbott and different Texas Republicans person said the predetermination betterment measurement makes it easier for radical to formed their votes portion strengthening predetermination integrity.

The measurement was among a fig of voting bills that prompted 52 House Democrats to fly the authorities successful July to contradict Republicans the legislative quorum needed to behaviour the state’s business. Three Democrats returned to Texas successful precocious August—enough to execute a quorum—ending a legislative impasse of 38 days, oregon much than 5 weeks.

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