Biden pardons thousands with federal convictions of simple marijuana possession

3 months ago 19

President Joe Biden has announced a pardon of each anterior national offenses of elemental possession of marijuana.

“There are thousands of radical who person anterior national convictions for marijuana possession, who whitethorn beryllium denied employment, housing, oregon acquisition opportunities arsenic a result. My enactment volition assistance relieve the collateral consequences arising from these convictions,” Biden said successful a connection released connected Thursday afternoon.

“Sending radical to situation for possessing marijuana has upended excessively galore lives and incarcerated radical for behaviour that galore states nary longer prohibit. Criminal records for marijuana possession person besides imposed needless barriers to employment, housing, and acquisition opportunities. And portion achromatic and Black and brownish radical usage marijuana astatine akin rates, Black and brownish radical person been arrested, prosecuted, and convicted astatine disproportionate rates,” helium added.

Administration officials said that the pardon could payment astir 6,500 people, the Hill reports.

“It’s clip that we close these wrongs,” Biden said.

He went connected to impulse each governors to bash the aforesaid with regards to authorities offenses, saying, “Just arsenic nary 1 should beryllium successful a national situation solely owed to the possession of marijuana, nary 1 should beryllium successful a section jailhouse oregon authorities situation for that reason, either.”

The president besides called connected the caput of Health and Human Services and the lawyer wide to statesman the administrative process to reappraisal however marijuana is scheduled nether national law.

Marijuana is presently classified successful docket 1 of the Controlled Substances Act nether national law. Drugs classified nether this docket person “no presently accepted aesculapian usage and a precocious imaginable for abuse”.

This classification puts marijuana successful the aforesaid docket arsenic for heroin and LSD and adjacent higher than the classification of fentanyl and methamphetamine, 2 drugs that are fueling the ongoing overdose epidemic crossed the country.