Biden’s ‘Armageddon’ warning wasn’t based on new intelligence, US says

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The White House has said that Joe Biden’s informing of “Armageddon” if Russia uses a atomic limb successful Ukraine was not based connected immoderate caller quality suggesting specified atomic usage is imminent.

The US president issued his warning astatine a backstage fundraising lawsuit successful New York connected Thursday evening, successful his astir outspoken remarks yet connected the menace of wartime atomic weapons being utilized for the archetypal clip since 1945.

Biden described the existent stand-off implicit Ukraine, with Vladimir Putin threatening to usage each means astatine his disposal to support Russia and the territory it has seized successful Ukraine, arsenic the astir unsafe atomic infinitesimal since the Cuban rocket situation sixty years agone this month.

“He is not joking erstwhile helium talks astir the imaginable usage of tactical atomic weapons,” Biden told donors. “I don’t deliberation there’s immoderate specified happening arsenic an quality to easy usage a tactical atomic limb and not extremity up with Armageddon.”

The remarks marked a departure from Biden’s usually cautious code successful effect to Putin’s threats, but the White House spokeswoman, Karine Jean-Pierre, said connected Friday they did not bespeak immoderate caller quality from the Ukraine conflict, adding that determination was nary accusation of Russia preparing to “imminently” usage atomic weapons.

“The president was speaking astir concerns astir Putin’s threats to usage atomic weapons,” Jean-Pierre said. “We person not seen immoderate crushed to set our ain strategical atomic posture, nor bash we person indications that Russia is preparing to imminently usage atomic weapons.”

European leaders reacted cautiously to Biden’s usage of stark vocabulary. Emmanuel Macron was captious erstwhile asked astir the issue, saying helium would not participate into governmental fiction

“We indispensable talk with prudence erstwhile commenting connected specified matters,” Macron said.

Asked if she shared Biden’s view, the president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, said: “We are taking the threats of President Putin precise seriously.” She added that astatine the aforesaid time, “we are not being blackmailed by what helium says. We person a wide stance connected however to proceed.”

She was speaking the time aft leaders from 44 European countries met successful Prague to sermon the warfare successful Ukraine.

Charles Michel, the president of the European Council, said that gathering had shown beardown determination to enactment Ukraine and “firmness successful our condemnation of Russia”. He said: “We instrumentality the menace and each threats of immoderate escalation precise earnestly … [but] we don’t mean to beryllium intimidated.”

Speaking to the BBC, the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, said that helium did not deliberation that the Kremlin was acceptable to usage atomic weapons but had begun to hole the Russian colonisation for specified an eventuality.

“That’s precise dangerous,” helium said. “I deliberation it’s unsafe to adjacent talk astir it.”

It is unclear whether Biden was speaking loosely due to the fact that of the comparatively backstage mounting of Thursday’s Democratic senatorial fundraiser, though immoderate journalists were present, oregon whether helium intended to nonstop a deterrent connection to Putin.

“I deliberation Biden’s comments were NOT conscionable moving his rima off,” James Acton, co-director of the atomic argumentation programme astatine the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, wrote on Twitter. “He’s liable for the information of hundreds of millions of radical during an existent atomic crisis. His comments archer america astir his absorption close now.”

Acton said it was misguided to presume that the menace of annihilation was a relic of the acold warfare and that the probability that Russia would usage a tactical limb successful Ukraine, if Putin did edifice to atomic use, went that escalation would beryllium contained.

“I‘m not somewhat who thinks escalation wrong a atomic warfare is inevitable, but neither americium I terribly sanguine astir the prospects for managing it,” Acton said. “After all, we person precisely zero acquisition of managing atomic escalation against a nuclear-armed powerfulness and truthful we person small crushed for confidence.”