Biden’s Border Crisis Is ‘By Design,’ Former ICE Director Claims

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As the federation faces record-breaking numbers of amerciable immigrants astatine the confederate border, with astir 1.7 cardinal reported U.S. Border Patrol encounters this fiscal year, immoderate critics assertion the situation has been manufactured.

Tom Homan, who served arsenic acting manager of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) during President Donald Trump’s administration, is 1 of those critics.

“This situation was created connected purpose. This isn’t mismanagement. This isn’t incompetence. This is by design,” Homan told the Epoch Times.

President Joe Biden voted for borderline barriers erstwhile helium was a legislator but is present pushing a wide open-borders agenda, Homan said.

“He needed progressive near enactment to triumph the race, truthful helium sold out. He said each the magic words to bring much radical to the United States illegally. In my opinion, it wasn’t a coincidence,” helium said.

“They planned unfastened borders, and Joe Biden didn’t fell it. He made promises during the campaign, that helium would extremity ICE detentions, enactment a moratorium connected deportations, that helium would grant DACA, that helium would grant amnesty and you get escaped wellness care. He made promises that helium knew would origin a surge.”

The U.S. Border Patrol has encountered astir 7,000 amerciable immigrants a time for months, said Homan, and helium expects the full fig to ascent arsenic precocious arsenic 1.9 cardinal by the extremity of the year.

Homan pointed retired the 1,662,167 reported Border Patrol encounters besides doesn’t see “got-aways” oregon the “people that we didn’t catch.”

The fig of got-aways is based connected amerciable borderline crossings caught connected cameras, including those from drone surveillance, is estimated to beryllium astir 400,000, Homan said.

Around 600,000 amerciable immigrants person been released into the state alternatively of being deported, said Homan. Adding this fig to those 400,000 got-aways, “that’s a million,” Homan said.

Epoch Times Photo Thomas Homan, past acting manager of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, testifies earlier the House Homeland Security Committee’s Border and Marine Security subcommittee connected Capitol Hill successful Washington connected May 22, 2018. (Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images)

The Biden medication could easy stem the travel of radical to the confederate border, but doesn’t privation to, Homan alleged. “They cognize however to hole this, but they don’t privation to hole it,” helium said.

“We person the archetypal president successful my lifetime, the archetypal president successful the past of the country, that came into bureau and unsecured the borderline intentionally,” helium said.

“This is astir perpetual power. They genuinely judge they’re importing aboriginal Democratic voters,” helium said. “Now, with the progressive near looking astatine a socialist state, that’s astir apt portion of it, but without a uncertainty … I deliberation it’s conscionable portion of the wide program for them to enactment successful power. There’s nary different reason.”

During the Trump presidency, ICE sent peculiar agents to the Juarez-El Paso borderline crossing to analyse transgression organizations engaged successful cause smuggling and quality trafficking, but the Biden medication scrapped the operation, Homan said.

Border patrol agents person besides been sent determination but “they ne'er get assigned to the borderline line; they get assigned to the processing centers,” Homan said. “They didn’t privation anybody down determination to unopen down these cartels due to the fact that that’s going to unopen down the flow, and that’s what makes maine much aggravated than anything.”

Though critics assertion Trump’s migration policies were inhumane, Homan likes to punctual them that those polices reduced cross-border transgression and “saved lives.”

“When illegal immigration is down 83 percent, however galore women aren’t getting raped?” helium said. “How galore children aren’t dying? How galore pounds of fentanyl aren’t coming crossed the border? We’ve already got 92,000 overdose deaths this year. How galore millions of dollars did the cartels not make? How galore COVID cases didn’t travel crossed into the country?”

Managing the Optics

Biden has faced mounting disapproval for not visiting the border. Meanwhile, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said during a press briefing connected Oct,. 22, “he did thrust done the borderline erstwhile helium was connected the run way successful 2008.”

Jen Psaki White House property caput Jen Psaki holds a property briefing successful the Brady Press Briefing Room of the White House successful Washington connected July 8, 2021. (Saul Loeb/AFP via Getty Images)

Psaki said Biden “is well-versed successful each facet of our migration system, including the border. That includes erstwhile helium was vice president,” she said.

Biden worked “in a bipartisan mode with senators similar Ted Kennedy, Harry Reid, John McCain, and others to propulsion for broad migration reform,” Psaki said. “He does not request a sojourn to the borderline to cognize what a messiness was near by the past administration. That’s his view.”

But Homan claims Biden doesn’t privation to spell to the borderline due to the fact that past helium would person to admit determination is simply a occupation and would person to dilatory the travel of “future voters.”

“This medication has been doing thing but trying to negociate the optics of this crisis—not managing the situation but managing the optics—so that it doesn’t look to beryllium a crisis,” helium said.

Press Secretary Psaki did not instantly respond to an Epoch Times inquiry.

Homan besides scoffed astatine Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas’ assertion that the surge successful amerciable migration started nether the Trump administration.

Trump secured the borderline by gathering the wall, ended erstwhile President Barack Obama’s “catch-and-release” policies, and drove down reduced amerciable migration by 83 percent during astir of his presidency, Homan said.

He blames the borderline situation connected what helium calls the “Biden Effect.”

In summertime of 2020, Homan warned Biden’s run promises of amnesty to amerciable immigrants would person a devastating interaction connected the border. He said it would lone promote much radical to marque the perilous travel crossed the borderline and nonstop a awesome to the cartels to “start gearing up” for a surge successful cross-border business: cause smuggling and quality trafficking.

The U.S. Border Patrol reported (pdf) astir 200,000 encounters with amerciable immigrants on the U.S.-Mexico borderline successful the period of July, a crisp summation from astir 16,000 successful April of 2020 erstwhile the Covid-19 pandemic led to the closure of planetary borders and slowed migration. But encounters person risen dramatically since then, according to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) data.

By precocious November and December past year, amerciable migration numbers started to climb, but erstwhile Biden was sworn into to bureau connected Jan. 20, “we mislaid control,” Homan said.

“The information is clear. President Trump had the astir unafraid borderline ever,” helium said.

‘Remain successful Mexico’

Though the Biden medication has said it volition comply with a tribunal bid to reinstate the Trump-era “Remain successful Mexico” argumentation by mid-November, it mightiness not happen, Homan said.

“They had to beryllium sued to bash that. They don’t privation to bash it,” Homan said. “After they were sued and forced to bring it back, they instantly appealed.”

Biden scrapped the policy, besides known arsenic Migrant Protection Protocols, connected his archetypal time successful office. It requires asylum seekers to hold successful Mexico until their claims are processed successful a U.S. migration court. He claimed the argumentation was inhumane and stranded susceptible radical successful unsafe Mexican cities with fewer resources.

When the states of Texas and Missouri sued the Biden medication to bring backmost the Remain successful Mexico policy, Biden’s ineligible squad tried “slow rolling” the process, claiming the medication would person to rebuild the programme from “ground zero,” Homan said.

“No, you don’t,” Homan said. “The program already exists. The program already worked. Dust disconnected that program and deed it.”

Biden’s ineligible squad has already indicated “they’re going to proceed moving done the Administrative Procedure Act (APA) to adjacent this legally,” Homan said. “They’re going to unopen it down arsenic soon arsenic they can, and adjacent if they’re forced to commencement it up, they’ll marque it truthful it’s not successful.”

Epoch Times Photo A migrant encampment located successful El Chapperal successful Tijuana, Mex., connected April 22, 2021. (John Fredricks/The Epoch Times)

Migration Forecasts

Other caller developments suggest the Biden medication is moving rapidly towards expanding cross-border migration.

With United Nations Climate Summit acceptable to statesman successful Glasgow, Scotland, connected Oct. 31, the White House past week published (pdf) its “Report connected the Impact of Climate Change connected Migration.” The study urges the U.S. and different countries to hole oregon tens of millions of “climate alteration refugees” implicit the adjacent 2 oregon 3 decades.

Less than a week aboriginal connected Oct. 21 DHS released a akin study (pdf) recommending proactive readying for “an influx of climate-related migration done the U.S.-Mexico border.”

But, adjacent if clime alteration does bring caller waves of migration, the U.S. would beryllium affected on with different countries, and decently vetting immigrants would beryllium adjacent much crucial—not less, Homan suggested.

“So, I don’t bargain that,” helium said. “I don’t deliberation clime alteration is driving migration.”

Changing the Rules

Meanwhile, a projected caller rule by the DHS and the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) would let United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) asylum officers to process “credible fear” screenings successful asylum cases alternatively of migration judges.

With the strategy clogged with progressively much amerciable immigrants making flimsy claims for asylum, radical who are going done the migration strategy legally are pushed to the backmost of the line.

“They’re taking a backseat,” Homan said. “They privation CIS officers to bash the credible fearfulness interviews alternatively than the courts—the precise ones that adjudicate ineligible migration cases.”

The Biden medication has besides revised asylum polices allowing foreigners to question asylum implicit “credible fears” of home maltreatment and pack violence.

About 88 percent each Central Americans seeking asylum astatine the borderline successful the past 8 years had their claims rejected, Homan said, citing the DHS Office of Immigration Statistics (OIS) Enforcement Lifecycle Report (pdf) for the 2020 fiscal year.

Nine retired of 10 either don’t amusement up for their migration hearings oregon don’t suffice for asylum due to the fact that they can’t amusement grounds of credible fearfulness of spiritual oregon governmental persecution successful their state oregon origin, helium said. The study besides shows 97 percent of asylum seekers who suffer their cases disregard orders from migration judges and enactment successful the state illegally.

“The 88 percent diminution complaint is going to driblet importantly due to the fact that they opened up the aperture of who qualifies. At the aforesaid time, alternatively than person a justice marque the determination … they’ll person CIS officers bash it. So, they’re hitting this from some sides,” Homan said.

“They cognize precisely what they’re doing. They cognize this data, and they’re trying to alteration the dynamics of the data,” helium said. “President Trump understood the data. That’s wherefore helium created the Remain successful Mexico program.”

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