Biden Says He Didn’t Want to Resort to Sweeping COVID Vaccine Mandates

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President Joe Biden connected Thursday defended the determination to contented sweeping vaccine mandates for national contractors, healthcare workers, and private-sector employees.

The Department of Labor issued a vaccine-or-test request to tens of millions of private-sector employees astatine workplaces with 100 oregon much workers with a Jan. 4 deadline, which has sparked concerns of idiosyncratic shortages successful cardinal industries amid supply-chain bottlenecks. Federal contractors and astir healthcare workers person a Jan. 4 deadline to get vaccinated without the enactment to taxable to play investigating nether the rule.

“As we’ve seen with businesses—large and small—across each sectors of our economy, the overwhelming bulk of Americans take to get vaccinated,” Biden said successful a statement, echoing claims made past week by his COVID-19 advisor, Jeff Zients. “There person been nary ‘mass firings’ and idiosyncratic shortages due to the fact that of vaccination requirements. Despite what immoderate predicted and falsely assert, vaccination requirements person wide nationalist support.”

Biden past said that vaccines are the champion “pathway retired of this pandemic,” though galore studies person shown that afloat vaccinated individuals inactive dispersed COVID-19 to different vaccinated individuals. Several weeks ago, national wellness officials approved booster doses for Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine.

“While I would person overmuch preferred that requirements not go necessary, excessively galore radical stay unvaccinated for america to get retired of this pandemic for good,” Biden said. “So I instituted requirements—and they are working.”

In September, erstwhile helium announced the rule, Biden said that the U.S. vaccination complaint was lagging down that of different nations. White House officials earlier this week said that 80 percent of adults person received astatine slightest 1 shot, portion 70 percent are afloat vaccinated.

Unlike the mandate impacting workplaces with 100 oregon much employees, national contractors and healthcare unit cannot opt retired by requiring play investigating for their workers. Before the regularisation was delayed connected Thursday, respective large manufacture associations warned that the mandate would make wide staffing shortages and would pb to a chaotic vacation season.

The rule, however, has already been challenged by Republican authorities officials conscionable hours aft it was published. Attorneys wide for Ohio, Tennessee, and Kentucky sued the Biden medication implicit the mandate for national contractors.

“Unless we intervene, national contractors successful Tennessee volition beryllium forced to marque consciousness of the mandate’s galore inconsistencies that necessitate their full workforce beryllium vaccinated oregon look imaginable blacklisting and nonaccomplishment of aboriginal national contracts,” Tennessee Attorney General Herbert H. Slatery III said successful a connection announcing the lawsuit.

Members of Congress whitethorn besides instrumentality action. On Thursday afternoon, Rep. James Comer (R-Ky.), the ranking subordinate of the House Oversight and Reform Committee, urged the medication to see waiving penalties for companies that person suffered owed to supply-chain bottlenecks.

“Penalizing contractors, galore of whom bid connected and were awarded contracts anterior to the illness of the proviso chain, volition further disrupt the economy,” Comer wrote successful his missive to the Office of Federal Procurement Policy, the General Services Administration, NASA, and the Pentagon. “Small concern contractors whitethorn beryllium deed peculiarly hard by precocious fees and penalties—making it improbable they volition survive.”

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