Biden to visit New Jersey to promote agenda as House looks to hold votes this week – live

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Reconciliation negotiations with Manchin 'went well,' Biden says

Joe Biden is present en way from Delaware to New Jersey for a mates of events to beforehand his economical agenda.

The president concisely spoke to reporters earlier boarding Air Force One, and helium was asked astir his gathering yesterday with Democratic Senator Joe Manchin to sermon the reconciliation package.

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Reporter: “Do you expect a ballot this week?”

President Biden: "What bash you think? I don’t know. It’d beryllium precise affirmative to get it done earlier the [Europe] travel [on Thursday]."

October 25, 2021

“It went well, a fewer much things to enactment out, but it went well,” Biden said of his speech with Manchin.

Regarding the timing of the negotiations, the president said it would beryllium “very positive” to scope a last woody connected the reconciliation bundle earlier helium leaves for Europe.

The president is scheduled to permission Washington aboriginal this week to conscionable with Pope Francis successful Vatican City, enactment successful the G20 acme successful Rome and be the Cop26 clime league successful Glasgow.

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Documents and recordings obtained by the Guardian shed caller airy connected a almighty and secretive rightwing web and the power it was capable to exert connected Trump administration policies favoring the super-rich.

The recordings see speeches fixed to the Council for National Policy (CNP) by blimpish media stars including Dennis Prager, emerging Republican powerfulness players specified arsenic Charlie Kirk, and adjacent economical advisers to Donald Trump.

Some of the antecedently published recordings look to nary longer beryllium publically available.

The Guardian’s independently sourced recordings connection an penetration into however overmuch power blimpish economical thinkers – from bodies representing the interests of immoderate of the richest individuals successful the state – were capable to exert connected the expected populist Trump.

Read the Guardian’s afloat report:

Democratic legislator Joe Manchin has pushed for a smaller reconciliation package, and it appears that the last measure volition outgo $1.5tn to $2tn, compared to the archetypal $3.5tn terms tag.

Among different demands, Manchin has opposed extending the expanded kid taxation recognition successful its existent form. The expanded recognition was archetypal approved successful Joe Biden’s coronavirus alleviation bundle and is expected to expire astatine the extremity of the year.

And Manchin is facing immoderate noteworthy disapproval for his views connected the kid taxation credit. Politico reports:

At a signaling of West Virginia Public Radio’s ‘Mountain Stage’ programme astatine the Kennedy Center connected Sunday night, vocalist Carsie Blanton called retired Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.), who was successful attendance, successful a opus she’d written called ‘Dealing to the Devil.’ It’s a communicative astir her ex-boyfriend and Donald Trump, but she shifted the dedication to Manchin implicit his absorption to afloat extending the kid taxation credit, drafting cheers from the crowd. Awkward.

Biden to sojourn New Jersey arsenic helium faces important week for economical agenda

Greetings from Washington, unrecorded blog readers.

Joe Biden will sojourn New Jersey contiguous to beforehand his economical agenda, arsenic legislature Democrats attempt to (finally) get the bipartisan infrastructure measure and the reconciliation bundle crossed the decorativeness line.

The president volition sojourn East End Elementary School successful North Plainfield and past present remarks connected his Build Back Better docket successful a suburb of Newark.

The US Capitol is seen successful  Washington connected  October 24.
The US Capitol is seen successful Washington connected October 24. Photograph: Daniel Slim/AFP/Getty Images

Meanwhile, the House is looking to clasp votes this week connected some the reconciliation bundle and the infrastructure bill, but it remains unclear whether Democrats tin scope a last woody this week.

Biden met with Senate bulk person Chuck Schumer and Democratic Senator Joe Manchin, a cardinal ballot successful the reconciliation debate, successful Delaware yesterday, raising hopes that some bills whitethorn soon pass.

“We person 90% of the measure agreed to and written. We conscionable person immoderate of the past decisions to beryllium made,” House talker Nancy Pelosi told CNN yesterday. “We’re beauteous overmuch determination now.”

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