Bill Belichick celebrated Patriots’ demolition of Jets with a cold beer

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This Bud’s for Bill.

Following the Patriots’ 54-13 beatdown of the Jets connected Sunday, Bill Belichick was seemingly satisfied capable to footwear his feet up and relax. WEEI newsman Ryan Hannable spotted Belichick and Matt Patricia celebrating the triumph successful a Gillette Stadium lounge, with Belichick sipping a Budweiser.

Why a Budweiser? Well, it’s not his portion of choice.

“No, not really,” Belichick said successful a WEEI quality connected Monday. “It was conscionable what was connected the menu.”

Asked what his go-to portion would be, Belichick responded, “Whatever’s cold.”

With the Patriots astatine 3-4, there’s lone truthful overmuch restitution Belichick tin instrumentality from demolishing the hapless Jets. But the container people paints a representation that would beryllium hard for New England to instrumentality contented with.

Postgame country from Gillette Stadium: Bill Belichick and Matt Patricia celebrating the triumph successful Optum lounge with a fewer others.

Belichick with a Budweiser, Patricia a Corona.

— Ryan Hannable (@RyanHannable) October 24, 2021

The Patriots threw for 411 yards, ran for 148 yards, converted 32 archetypal downs, created 3 turnovers without having immoderate of their ain and were up 31-3 astatine halftime. They dropped the Jets to 1-5 — a demoralizing nonaccomplishment for Robert Salah and Co.

“I truly person a batch of respect for these guys,” Belichick said of his team. “They travel to enactment each day. We’ve improved each day, truly each week. We’re acold from cleanable and acold from wherever we request to be, but we’re heading successful the close direction.”