Bill Clinton Links Arms With Wife Hillary As He’s Discharged From Hospital After Infection – Photos

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October 17, 2021 1:24PM EDT

Headed location astatine last! Bill Clinton appeared to beryllium successful bully spirits arsenic helium linked arms with woman Hillary for enactment connected Oct. 17 portion leaving UC Irvine.

Bill Clinton, 75, is headed location aft being successful hospital for respective days. The erstwhile president was seen linking arms with his wife Hillary Clinton, 73, arsenic helium exited UC Irvine Hospital successful California connected Sunday, Oct. 17. Although Bill kept his look covered with a protective mask, his eyes appeared to airy up arsenic helium approached the solid doors wherever a tiny crowed awaited. Hillary sweetly looked up astatine her hubby arsenic they walked arm-in-arm, conscionable a time aft she was visiting him successful the ICU.

Bill, who hails from Arkansas, rocked a brace of faded jeans on with a burgundy t-shirt, navy blazer and achromatic loafers. Hillary opted for a casual elegant look with a achromatic fastener down shirt, achromatic overgarment and pants on with a pointy loafer shoe. The erstwhile Secretary of State kept her blonde hairsbreadth backmost successful a ponytail.

Bill Clinton sweetly links arms with woman Hillary arsenic helium leaves UC Irvine infirmary connected Sunday, Oct. 17. He was admitted to ICU connected Tuesday for an infection. (

Bill’s spokesperson Angel Ureña shared an update astir the erstwhile president’s wellness upon his discharge from his doctors Dr. Alpesh Amin and Dr. Lisa Bardack. “His fever and achromatic humor compartment number are normalized and helium volition instrumentality location to New York to decorativeness his people of antibiotics,” Angel tweeted. “On behalf of everyone astatine UC Irvine Medical Center, we were honored to person treated him and volition proceed to show his progress.”

Statement from Dr. Alpesh N. Amin, Chair, Department of Medicine and Executive Director, Hospital Medicine astatine UC Irvine Health, who has been overseeing the squad of doctors treating President Clinton

— Angel Ureña (@angelurena) October 17, 2021

Hillary was seen visiting Bill astatine the aesculapian installation connected Saturday with her girl Chelsea Clinton, 40. The erstwhile First Lady had a Starbucks java and Givenchy “Antigona” container successful manus arsenic she exited a chauffeur driven vehicle. She erstwhile again opted for a black-and-white ensemble, going with a patterned overgarment and a headband, which she often utilized to don successful her ’90s White House days.

Bill was admitted to UC Irvine connected Tuesday this week for a “non-COVID” related infection, aboriginal reported to beryllium UTI. “He remains astatine the infirmary for continuous monitoring. After 2 days of treatment, his achromatic humor compartment number is trending down and helium is responding to antibiotics well,” his doctors said successful a connection connected Thursday.

Update, from me, connected President Clinton

— Angel Ureña (@angelurena) October 16, 2021

His spokesperson posted that Bill was successful “good spirits” up of his release. “President Clinton has continued to marque fantabulous advancement implicit the past 24 hours. He volition stay overnight astatine UC Irvine Medical Center to proceed to person IV antibiotics earlier an expected discharge tomorrow,” his rep tweeted connected Saturday evening.