Bill Clinton Skips Colin Powell’s Funeral With Illness Three Weeks After Hospital Release

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November 5, 2021 4:29PM EDT

Former President Bill Clinton didn’t be the erstwhile caput of state’s ceremonial ceremony, arsenic he’s inactive recovering from a sepsis infection.

Plenty of nationalist leaders and officials gathered to accidental goodbye to erstwhile Secretary of State Colin Powell during his ceremonial connected Friday November 5. The erstwhile wide died connected October 18 astatine property 84, aft complications with COVID-19, arsenic good arsenic different aesculapian issues. His ceremonial was attended by erstwhile Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bushwhom Powell served arsenic authorities caput under, arsenic good arsenic President Joe Biden. Due to his ongoing betterment from a sepsis infection, erstwhile President Bill Clinton was 1 of 3 surviving presidents who did not be the ceremony, via USA Today.

Former President Bill Clinton skipped Colin Powell’s funeral, arsenic helium recovers from an infection. (Shutterstock)

Clinton was hospitalized astatine facility successful Irvine, California connected October 14 for an infection. He was released a fewer days aboriginal and was seen leaving the infirmary with his wife, erstwhile First Lady Hillary ClintonThe erstwhile archetypal woman and 2016 statesmanlike campaigner did be the ceremonial service. Shortly aft the quality of Powell’s decease came out, Clinton tweeted a abbreviated remembrance of him. “Colin Powell was a courageous soldier, a skilled commander, a dedicated diplomat, and a bully and decent man. My condolences to Alma, the full Powell family, and each the radical whose lives helium touched done his work and example,” helium wrote.

Besides Clinton, erstwhile Presidents Jimmy Carter and Donald Trump also skipped the ceremonial service. Carter turned 97-years-old successful October. Shortly aft Powell’s death, Carter released a statement calling him “a existent patriot and nationalist servant.” Trump had criticized Powell, specifically his handling of the Iraq war, successful a statement aft the erstwhile authorities secretary’s death.

Clinton and Powell speaking astatine a foundation meal successful 2003. (Shutterstock)

Bush, Obama, and Biden sat with their wives successful the archetypal pew with their wives Laura, Michelleand Jill, respectively, arsenic did Powell’s woman of 60-years Alma. Two of the officials who delivered eulogies for Powell were Secretary of State nether Clinton Madeleine Albright, whom Powell succeeded, and Richard Armitage, who had been lawman caput of authorities during the Bush administration. Powell’s son Michael gave an incredibly powerful eulogy for his father. “As helium said successful his autobiography, his travel was an American journey. Colin Powell was a large lion with a large heart. We volition miss him terribly,” helium said to reason his speech.