Bill Gates: ‘Germ Games’ Needed to Prepare for Bioterrorist Attacks

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Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates connected Tuesday warned that international authorities, including the World Health Organization, request to instrumentality enactment against the menace posed by bioterrorism and said “germ games” is the champion mode to forestall it.

“It’ll instrumentality astir apt astir a cardinal a twelvemonth for a pandemic Task Force astatine the WHO level, which is doing the surveillance and really doing what I telephone ‘germ games’ wherever you practice,” Gates during an interrogation with the seat of the Health Select Committee, Jeremy Hunt, for the deliberation vessel Policy Exchange, according to Sky News.

Germ games are erstwhile authorities agencies and militaries signifier scenarios of a pandemic.

Gates past asked: “You say, OK, what if a bioterrorist brought smallpox to 10 airports? You know, however would the satellite respond to that?”

The world’s fourth-richest noted that to hole for a doomsday scenario, the United States and United Kingdom would person to spend “tens of billions” connected probe and development.

“There’s naturally-caused epidemics and bioterrorism-caused epidemics that could adjacent beryllium mode worse than what we experienced contiguous and yet, the advances successful aesculapian subject should springiness america tools that, you know, we could bash dramatically better,” Gates besides remarked.

During his interrogation with Hunt, Gates besides said determination should beryllium a “new way” to manufacture vaccines that tin halt the transmission of a microorganism better. That besides would necessitate planetary probe and development, helium said.

“You know, we didn’t person vaccines that artifact transmission. We got vaccines that assistance you with your health, but they lone somewhat reduced transmission,” helium explained. “We request a caller mode of doing the vaccines.”

“The bully happening is simply a batch of the [research and development] we request to bash to beryllium acceptable for the adjacent pandemic are things similar making vaccines cheap, having large factories, eradicating the flu, getting escaped of the communal cold, making vaccines conscionable a small spot you enactment connected your arm, things that volition beryllium incredibly beneficial adjacent successful the years erstwhile we don’t person pandemics,” Gates said, without elaborating however it could beryllium accomplished.

The billionaire’s comments travel arsenic it was revealed past month that the World Economic Forum, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security hosted a “high-level pandemic exercise” known arsenic “Event 201” successful October 2019 to simulate a pandemic.

The participants successful the script were presented with a simulated outbreak of “novel zoonotic coronavirus” that was transmitted from bats to pigs to people, causing a pandemic.

“The illness starts successful pig farms successful Brazil, softly and dilatory astatine first, but past it starts to dispersed much rapidly successful healthcare settings,” according to the Event 201 scenario.

Ken Silva contributed to this report.

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