Billion-Dollar Transgender Industry Leaves Broken Families and Lives

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Photos of Jeff Younger’s smiling duplicate boys are scattered passim his comfy ceramic location successful the Dallas suburbs. Happy moments, frozen successful time.

Next to the backmost door, a leap enactment and youth-size boxing headgear haven’t moved from the country wherever they were tossed 13 months ago. Outside, a punching container hangs soundless from a sturdy shadiness histrion towering implicit a gait erstwhile filled with the tap-tap-tap dependable of small fists pounding canvas.

Younger spent hours astatine a clip successful that abstraction with his boys, James and Jude, who were 9 astatine the time, teaching them to wrestle and onshore a punch—just arsenic his begetter taught him erstwhile helium was a kid.

“I retrieve radical by the things they do,” said Younger, reasoning backmost to times with his dad.

Epoch Times Photo Jeff Younger stands successful the backyard of his home, wherever helium utilized to container with his sons, connected Sept. 16, 2022. (Bobby Sanchez for The Epoch Times)

He took the boys to parks, teaching them however to hurl sticks and way rabbits on a creek, each portion of increasing his boys into men.

But for Younger’s son, James, present 10, manhood whitethorn ne'er come.

James is similar truthful galore swept up successful the hype of transgenderism, portion of an exploding inclination among younker and young adults. And Younger is among a swarm of objectors, galore of them parents, warring an uphill conflict against a $2.1 cardinal transgender manufacture successful the United States.

Younger’s ex-wife, Anne Georgulas, a pediatrician successful Coppell, Texas, says James has wanted to place arsenic a pistillate since preschool, wears dresses, and goes by the sanction Luna. Younger has not seen James successful much than a twelvemonth due to the fact that helium has refused to spell on with the thought that James is simply a girl.

Now, the Texas father, who’s embroiled successful a high-profile custody battle, fears that a tribunal ruling successful September could let his ex-wife to determination to California and chemically castrate his son.

Younger worries his ex-wife present volition modulation James medically. He says documents helium obtained during tribunal proceedings amusement she took James to a therapist who recommended the household “explore” sex transitioning astatine the Dallas-based Genecis aesculapian clinic.

Younger said his erstwhile wife’s aesculapian signifier is scheduled to adjacent Oct. 31. Georgulas declined to remark astir a imaginable determination to California erstwhile contacted by The Epoch Times.

But California is simply a welcoming spot for young radical seeking to medically transition.

Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a measure connected Sept. 29. giving the authorities authorization implicit transgender minors, creating a imaginable nightmare for Younger. Gender-altering country and drugs, referred to arsenic “gender-affirming care” by its supporters, is ineligible successful California, and the caller instrumentality shields Californians from laws and tribunal actions successful different states that could artifact modulation treatments.

Jeff (L) and James Younger Jeff Younger with his son, James Younger, past 7. In the midst of a publicized ineligible battle, Jeff Younger, who opposes the modulation of James, is fearful his ex-wife volition chemically castrate his son, present 10. (Courtesy of

Younger believes the caller California instrumentality volition let his ex-wife to get astir a erstwhile Texas tribunal bid preventing either genitor from treating the kid with hormonal suppression therapy, puberty blockers, or transgender reassignment country without some parents’ consent oregon a tribunal order.

Transgender Money Machine

Money and a hysteria epidemic are driving the transgenderism phenomenon, according to Clifford Alan Hopewell, a Fort Worth neuropsychologist who spoke to The Epoch Times.

Hopewell—a trained behaviorist, erstwhile Texas Psychological Association president, and a chap with the American Psychological Association—said therapy has go the gateway to a bustling transgender economy.

Epoch Times Photo Alan Hopewell, a Fort Worth neuropsychologist. (Photo courtesy of Hopewell’s office)

Gender dysphoria is simply a comparatively caller diagnosis, made up truthful security companies volition screen the costs of alleged gender-affirming care, helium said.

Therapists volition constitute retired a prescription, with nary questions asked, helium said. Mental wellness providers, helium added, “just spot the money.”

“It’s each bogus. There’s this transgender money-making machine.”

The existent marketplace for transgender country is expected to summation from $2.1 cardinal successful 2022 to $5 cardinal successful 2030, an 11 percent compound yearly maturation rate, according to Grand View Research, a marketplace probe company.

Breast oregon thorax country successful females transitioning to males showed the astir maturation successful presumption of transitioning surgeries, which accrued 15 percent implicit the 2019–2020 period, according to the Plastic Surgery Statistics by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

The absurdity of the rhythm is astonishing, Hopewell added.

A antheral oregon pistillate tin sojourn a licensed intelligence wellness supplier and explicit involvement successful becoming the other sex. The therapist affirms the patient, who has self-diagnosed, helium said.

“If you locomotion successful and say, ‘Amputate my leg,’ cipher would bash it,” Hopewell said. “You locomotion successful and say, ‘Amputate my penis,’ ‘Oh, well, let’s get you connected the country database close now'” is the response.

Hopewell noted a precocious exposed 2018 Vanderbilt University video, successful which a infirmary typical talked astir money-making opportunities successful the transgender industry. Top surgeries could bring successful $40,000 per patient, the typical told the assemblage enthusiastically.

Creating a Need

People who determine to modulation request transgender attraction for the remainder of their lives, Hopewell said. Hormones and different needed medications could outgo $200,000 oregon much implicit the beingness of a transgender person.

But arsenic immoderate transitioners person discovered, the full outgo tin beryllium overmuch higher, and can’t beryllium counted conscionable successful dollars.

Epoch Times Photo Scott Newgent, a biologic pistillate who had country to modulation to look male, is featured successful the 2022 documentary “What is simply a Woman” by Matt Walsh. (Courtesy of Scott Newgent)

For 49-year-old Scott Newgent, a pistillate who began transitioning to look antheral 7 years ago, the travel has been filled with costly medications, surgeries, and complications.

Newgent, who lives successful Texas, estimates the modulation has outgo astir $1.2 million, truthful far.

Like Hopewell, Newgent believes transitioning represents a lucrative caller gross watercourse for the healthcare industry.

“It’s each very, precise evil,” Newgent told The Epoch Times. “There’s excessively overmuch money.”

Cross-sex hormones prescribed to Newgent person outgo immoderate $30,000. The terms of phalloplasty was $309,000. During that procedure, a surgeon chopped into the forearm to region a insubstantial flap to signifier and connect a penis and widen the urethra.

Insurance has paid for overmuch of the transition, Newgent said, adding that without security the country would person outgo $70,000 successful cash.

Epoch Times Photo Skin was chopped from Scott Newgent’s limb arsenic portion of modulation surgery, leaving imperishable scars. (Courtesy of Scott Newgent)

Newgent present refers to the surgeon who operated connected him arsenic a “monster.” Complications from the procedures led to months of infections, exigency country visits, and maddening pain. The outgo of attraction climbed to different $850,000.

In Matt Walsh’s precocious released DailyWire documentary “What is simply a Woman?” Newgent passionately described the suffering successful hopes of informing the satellite astir the dangers of modulation surgeries.

If the dangers had been known, transitioning would not person been an option, Newgent said.

The transgender industry, which present appears to beryllium targeting children, is driven by greed, Newgent says, pointing retired that the outgo of hormones for transitioning children is eight times that of adults.

A one-year proviso of hormones that artifact puberty for children, specified arsenic Supprelin LA, has a database terms of $37,300. In contrast, the outgo of Vantas, a hormone prescribed to adults, is listed astatine $4,400, NPR reported successful 2020.

Social Hysteria

Driving the transgender roar is simply a hysteria epidemic, which immoderate accidental stems from societal media, Hopewell said.

Hysteria tin interaction tiny communities and tends to impact females much than males.

He compared the surge successful sex dysphoria, discussed obsessively successful immoderate online communities, to different mass-hysteria events. He points to sudden, unexplained outbreaks of aggregate property upset cases, oregon the historical and tragic Salem witch trials.

In the 1980s, for example, cases of aggregate property disorder—now known arsenic dissociative individuality disorder—began to popular up successful Texas and elsewhere truthful often that caller hospitals were built to woody with the problem, Hopewell said.

But erstwhile security companies began to bounds what they would wage for aggregate property upset claims, the cases abruptly dried up, helium said. Now, those diagnoses are uncommon again.

“I’ve ne'er seen 1 successful my full career,” helium said. “I’ve ne'er seen idiosyncratic travel successful with a assertion they had aggregate personalities.”

Explosive Growth

Studies amusement maturation successful transgenderism is booming successful society’s astir susceptible demographic—children. To Hopewell, the inclination of minors being affirmed arsenic transgender amounts to kid abuse.

Epoch Times Photo A transgender precocious schoolhouse pupil (C) and classmate (L) sojourn the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles booth during a assemblage and vocation normal astatine the Los Angeles Convention Center successful Los Angeles connected Dec. 8, 2010. (Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

A caller report based connected Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) data showed an estimated 150,000 teens, ages 13-17, identified arsenic transgender. In conscionable 3 years, that fig had doubled, the study showed.

Numbers were akin for Americans ages 18-24. In 2017, 206,000 young adults identified arsenic transgender. By 2020, that fig had swelled to 399,000.

Methodology and much broad information whitethorn relationship for the summation successful transgender identification, according to the Williams Institute.

Epoch Times Photo Chloe Cole, an 18-year-old pistillate who regrets surgically removing her breasts, holds testosterone medicine utilized for transgender patients successful Northern California connected Aug. 26, 2022. (John Fredricks/The Epoch Times)

Transgender Gateway

The way to becoming transgender often starts with a intelligence wellness provider, Hopewell said.

Patients helium saw successful the 1970s portion moving astatine the University of Texas Medical Branch successful Galveston appeared to beryllium pursuing a publication successful requesting sex-change country truthful they could get the diagnosis they wanted, helium said. And they were suffering from intelligence illness, helium added. It’s unclear who produced and distributed the script.

But today, the media and academia person chopped disconnected treatment and studies into the causes down the transgender fad and the harm it whitethorn cause—especially successful children, helium said.

“Science has been perverted. Psychology, frankly, is nary longer scientific,” helium said.

Therapy sessions outgo arsenic overmuch arsenic $5,000 per year, according to Treatments for the resulting “gender-affirming care” tin see puberty blockers, hormones, and intelligence evaluations.

A missive from a licensed intelligence wellness supplier usually is needed earlier going further with “top surgery” oregon “bottom surgery,” arsenic they’re known.

A scope of options is available.

For males seeking to go female, procedures to see see an orchiectomy to region testicles, and vaginoplasty, which aims to make a vagina and vulva. Breasts tin beryllium constructed with implants, which costs astir $8,000.

Bottom country to region testes and make a vagina costs astir $20,000, according to a University of Florida informational website astir the procedures. Surgery to softens facial features and feminize dependable transportation tin outgo betwixt $19,000 and $45,000.

Options for females hoping to unrecorded arsenic males see a hysterectomy to region the uterus, and a mastectomy to region the breasts and sculpt the thorax to look much masculine. And with phalloplasty, a surgeon aims to make a penis.

For female-to-male transitions, the terms tag for apical country is $6,000-$8,000. Bottom country costs $21,000 oregon more.

Some procedures, specified arsenic a hysterectomy, whitethorn go indispensable aft years of hormone treatments.

Epoch Times Photo Abel Garcia, which is an alias, detransitioned backmost to surviving arsenic a antheral aft realizing helium would ne'er beryllium a woman. He holds paperwork detailing his aesculapian procedures astatine a friend’s location successful the Dallas country connected Sept. 18, 2022. (Bobby Sanchez for The Epoch Times)

Sold a Lie

When 19-year-old Abel Garcia decided helium was transgender successful 2016, helium was anxious to recreate himself arsenic a woman.

Garcia—who asked to usage an alias—allowed doctors to inject him with hormones, and paid surgeons to implant breasts. He renamed himself April.

As the designer of his caller self, Garcia told The Epoch Times, helium was assured it would fulfill thing missing successful his life.

But aft six years, 25-year-old Garcia, present surviving successful northbound Texas, became 1 of a increasing fig of “detransitioners” realizing they would ne'er really beryllium the different sex. He realized helium had been sold a lie.

“To my knowledge, nary 1 tried to halt maine oregon anything,” helium said. “The lone 1 who ever questioned thing was my mother. But that was erstwhile I archetypal told her.”

His parent cried astatine the news. His begetter tried to person him helium was a man.

Shortly aft the announcement, his begetter asked Garcia to thrust him to a dental assignment successful Mexico. Afterward, his begetter told him they were going to a restaurant, but successful reality, helium took his lad to spot a prostitute.

Garcia’s begetter believed it would someway cure the young antheral of his confusion.

The acquisition of having enactment for the archetypal time, with a alien with whom helium had nary connection, was traumatic. It had the other impact his begetter wanted. It drove him, helium said, toward transitioning to a woman.

Epoch Times Photo Abel Garcia (an alias) successful Denton, Tex., successful a caller photo. (Courtesy of Abel Garcia)

Garcia said helium had a lonely upbringing and wanted to research his feelings connected sex with a therapist.

As the lad of Mexican immigrants who crossed into the United States illegally to find work, helium remembers moving from metropolis to metropolis arsenic a kid successful the Central Valley portion of Southern California.

With nary roots successful 1 community, it was hard for Garcia to marque friends increasing up. His parents perpetually worked, and his begetter was absent for agelong periods.

“I didn’t truly person a relation exemplary successful my puerility increasing up, due to the fact that my dada was ever moving 24/7,” helium said. “So I ne'er truly learned however to beryllium a man.”

Garcia was calved successful Utah, the archetypal of his parents’ children calved successful the United States. Although his parents yet became U.S. citizens, helium ever had a nagging feeling that helium didn’t belong.

When helium went to spot a therapist to benignant retired his feelings connected gender, she ne'er questioned him. Instead, she instantly wrote him a referral missive to commencement the modulation process, which began with hormones, helium said.

“She told maine that I’m decidedly transgender, adjacent though it was my archetypal session,” helium said.

Garcia was raised to spot aesculapian professionals, due to the fact that they are “trained and knowledgeable.”

“I thought, ‘Great. This therapist knows what she’s talking about. I indispensable decidedly beryllium transgender.”

After a twelvemonth of hormones, the therapist wrote different letter—this clip recommending country for bosom implants.

Without asking for a 2nd referral, helium received 1 for “bottom” surgery—penile inversion to alteration his antheral genitals into parts that looked female.

Epoch Times Photo Abel Garcia was approved for transgender country by a intelligence wellness nonrecreational with nary questions asked. (Darlene Sanchez/The Epoch Times)

Something told him to hold connected the bottommost surgery. In the backmost of his mind, helium said, his conscience nagged astatine him connected whether it was the close happening to do.

He present realizes that the therapist worked astatine a pro-transgender session wherever determination is lone support for specified requests. He remembers being told helium would go “the pistillate helium ever wanted to become” by a transgender activistic moving successful the clinic, a cheerleader to those considering transitions.

One time arsenic Garcia sat successful a country waiting for his appointment, the activistic asked Garcia to basal up and “do a small twirl.”

Garcia said the activistic gushed, “Oh, yeah, I tin decidedly archer you were expected to beryllium calved a woman. Your assemblage representation says that.”

The Human Cost

Many quality outlets and societal media platforms overgarment transitioning arsenic having a beneficial effect connected the intelligence wellness of those suffering from sex dysphoria. Those who don’t enactment transgender radical are labeled bigots and transphobic.

Some people, indeed, study feeling happier aft socially and medically transitioning.

Morgan, an 18-year-old pistillate transitioning to a male, told Buzzfeed News successful 2017 that since starting the process, her intelligence wellness dramatically improved.

“I consciousness genuine joyousness successful beingness present that I person a future. I’m yet successful emotion with my body. I’ve ne'er had truthful overmuch assurance until now, and I person ne'er felt truthful happy!” Morgan told the quality outlet.

Most of the anecdotal accounts successful the Buzzfeed nonfiction were from radical successful the aboriginal stages of transitioning.

It is often aboriginal that transitioners acquisition problems, detransitioners told The Epoch Times.

A 30-year study conducted by researcher Cecilia Dhejne tracked 324 sex-reassigned radical successful Sweden. It calculated their mortality, morbidity, and transgression complaint aft country done 2003.

The study, published successful 2011, showed that those who modulation done country oregon hormones person a higher mortality rate, peculiarly from suicide. It besides recovered that transitioners had an accrued hazard for termination attempts and psychiatric inpatient care.

Advocates of transitioning constituent retired that the survey doesn’t accidental the enactment reassignment caused the increases successful morbidity and mortality. The results whitethorn person been worse had participants not undergone enactment reassignment, they argue.

Many media outlets disregard the quality outgo of transitioning, often paid successful presumption of breached families and lives, detransitioners say. Instead, the outlets play advocate.

A caller header astatine Vox focused connected the “rights” of transgender children. “What’s truthful scary astir a transgender child? Stop worrying astir what happens if we fto kids transition. Worry astir what happens if we don’t,” the header read.

About 3 months aft receiving bosom implants successful 2018, Garcia knew thing was wrong. He woke up 1 time feeling he’d made a unspeakable mistake.

“What the hellhole americium I doing?” helium remembers asking himself.

“And that’s erstwhile I looked astatine my body, and I realized, nary substance what I would person done, I would ever beryllium a man,” helium said. “I’d beryllium conscionable becoming a caricature of what I believed a pistillate was.”

Garcia had his bosom implants removed successful 2020 arsenic portion of detransitioning, but helium acknowledged helium whitethorn ne'er beryllium the same.

Epoch Times Photo Abel Garcia, photographed astatine a Dallas location connected Sept. 18, 2022, shows scars from the removal of bosom implants. (Bobby Sanchez for The Epoch Times)

Garcia said years of cross-sex hormones person made urination difficult. He fears the drugs person caused him to beryllium sterile—a world that would shatter his anticipation of having children 1 day.

Since detransitioning, Garcia has go outspoken against the sex reassignment movement, comparing it to a cult.

Transgender activists unreal to “love you” and go your caller family, helium said. He realized excessively precocious their tactics were abusive and meant to disagreement families.

“Anyone who doesn’t enactment you is simply a hateful, transphobic bigot,” helium said. “They effort to ostracize you, get betwixt you and your family.”

Like Garcia, Newgent said the thought of becoming the other enactment was an illusion.

“I’ll ne'er beryllium a man,” Newgent said. And there’s nary mode to spell backmost to appearing pistillate aft surgery, Newgent laments.

Newgent says a signifier of discontent among immoderate transitioners occurs 5-6 years aft completing each the surgeries. That’s often erstwhile they recognize they volition ne'er beryllium the other sex.

When the world sets successful and complications arise, it tin beryllium a devastating combination, Newgent said, that tin thrust immoderate to suicide.

In Newgent’s opinion, phalloplasty is simply a “barbaric” process that should beryllium outlawed.

Newgent believes adjacent the champion surgeons would person occupation with the intricacies of reconnecting humor vessels and extending the urethra. It’s nary wonderment the surgeries fail.

After phalloplasty, the symptom from an undiagnosed corruption was truthful large that Newgent couldn’t sleep. Emergency country visits became the norm nighttime aft night, a hopeless effort to find relief, lone to beryllium told thing was wrong.

At 1 point, Newgent was definite decease was near. At first, it was a relief. But past Newgent, who has 3 children, imagined what beingness would beryllium similar for them.

Newgent promised the Almighty to archer the satellite the communicative of what transitioning truly is like.

Finally, a doc discovered the root of the pain—a six-inch hairsbreadth had grown wrong the extended urethra, causing an infection. The surgeon had utilized the incorrect benignant of tegument that allowed hairsbreadth maturation wrong the caller appendage, Newgent was told.

And discovering the aforesaid procedures present are performed connected children who privation to alteration their gender, Newgent’s resoluteness galvanized to combat backmost by speaking retired against transitioning.

Newgent present has a website called TreVoices, and says it’s “the archetypal trans against groomers.”

Epoch Times Photo Jeff Younger astatine his Texas location connected Sept. 16, 2022. (Bobby Sanchez for The Epoch Times)

Younger knows each excessively good the consequences of transitioning children. Wearing a achromatic T-shirt with “Save James” connected the front, Younger has an aggravated look erstwhile helium speaks of his son.

At 6-feet-4-inches tall, Younger was a boxer successful the subject and embraced masculinity. He wants his sons to bash the same.

But his ex-wife has afloat custody of the boys, James and Jude.

She started questioning James’ sex erstwhile helium was a toddler, Younger said.

She argued that James chose to place arsenic a pistillate from a young age. Eventually, she socially transitioned the lad and presented him astatine preschool arsenic a girl. The schoolhouse supported that aft the mates separated successful 2015.

Younger accused his ex-spouse of starring their young kid to socially modulation earlier helium could recognize the conception oregon its implications. He said James rejected his pistillate individuality and did not deterioration dresses astatine his location during visits.

In 2021, Dallas District Judge Mary Brown stripped Younger of astir parental rights, giving afloat custody successful a impermanent bid to his ex-wife. That was aft Younger was precocious making kid enactment payments, aesculapian support, and interest, arsenic ordered by the court.

Brown besides ordered Younger to wage hundreds of dollars for each supervised visit, and said helium indispensable not alteration James retired of a formal erstwhile helium visited. Younger refused to hold to that.

What started arsenic a custody conflict has present moved into the governmental arena for Younger.

This spring, helium made an unsuccessful bid for the authorities legislature successful the hopes of changing Texas law, making it amerciable to modulation children.

“Puberty is the cure for sex dysphoria,” Younger said. The modulation inclination is, successful his words, “mass genital mutilation.”

He is hopeless to prevention his lad from the destiny of different transitioners and vowed to proceed speaking retired contempt a gag bid issued by the judge.

Younger said helium would ne'er springiness up his combat for James.

“I’m a Texas father,” helium said. “I don’t springiness up.”

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