Billionaire Mark Cuban Buys Entire Texas Town, Says He ‘Doesn’t Know What to Do With It’

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Billionaire Mark Cuban, who owns the Dallas Mavericks, has bought an full Texas municipality spanning 77 acres that comes with its ain nonmigratory alligator.

The Navarro County municipality of Mustang, which is located on Interstate 45 adjacent Corsicana, roughly 55 miles southbound of Dallas, is location to an abandoned portion club, a gathering for the unpaid occurrence department, and a trailer park.

Mustang had a colonisation of 21 radical successful 2010, according to the United States Census Bureau, making it the smallest municipality successful Texas.

Media magnate Cuban told The Dallas Morning News that helium purchased the municipality past period because a bully person needed to sell—but is astatine a nonaccomplishment astatine to what to bash with it.

“I don’t cognize what if thing I volition bash with it,” Cuban told the publication.

It is unclear however overmuch Cuban, who ranks astatine 247 connected Forbes’ list of the 400 richest radical successful America 2021, paid for the Texas town. However, Mustang was listed for merchantability successful 2017 with a terms tag of $4 million. The spot ne'er sold and was yet lowered to $2 million.

“I had a just magnitude of involvement successful it, but it was priced excessively high—even erstwhile we bought it down to $2 million,” Dallas existent property broker Mike Turner, told The Dallas Morning News. “The aged portion nine is not successful bully repair, but it could beryllium redone for something.”

Turner noted that the municipality is besides location to a resident alligator.

In an interrogation with the Houston Chronicle in 2017, existent property broker Turner explained that a nasty sidesplitting astatine the town’s portion nine had forced the concern to permanently unopen down.

“There was a portion nine determination called Wispers that has since permanently closed. There was a sidesplitting there, the concern had rather a tale,” Turner said.

The existent property broker added that Mustang sold intoxicant successful the aboriginal 1970s and sold intoxicant erstwhile astir of Navarro County was prohibited from selling it.

“It was a boomtown successful the intoxicant business. There was a agelong enactment of cars from Corsicana and each astir Navarro County here,” helium said.

Cuban, whose nett wealthiness is estimated to beryllium $4.5 cardinal arsenic of this year, founded net vigor institution (then Audionet) with chap Indiana University alum Todd Wagner successful 1995 and sold it to Yahoo for $5.6 billion successful 1999.

Today helium owns the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks, and oversaw the squad competing successful the NBA Finals for the archetypal clip successful franchise past successful 2006 and becoming NBA World Champions successful 2011. Cuban besides has stakes successful Magnolia Pictures, AXS TV, and dozens of tiny startups.

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