Bisexual Superman sparks artist threats and need for police protection

3 weeks ago 19

Some Superman fans are seeing reddish implicit the caller uncover that Big Blue is bisexual.

Los Angeles instrumentality enforcement were dispatched to the homes of a fig of DC Comics illustrators and producers arsenic protests from fans implicit the Man of Steel’s caller coming retired roseate to the level of credible threats.

DC staffers requested LAPD to patrol the backstage residences of immoderate artists’ homes, TMZ reported, and the comics offices astatine Warner Bros. Studios, according to TMZ’s insider sources, though nary morganatic harm has yet been reported.

It was conscionable 3 weeks agone erstwhile the existent Superman — not Clark Kent, but his 17-year-old son, Jon, who donned the reddish cape for a caller procreation — was revealed to beryllium bisexual, aft a caller installment of the existent series, “Superman: Son of Kal-El,” depicted the young superhero locking lips with a “hacktivist” newsman with a magenta mane, named Jay Nakamura.

SupermanLAPD person provided information to DC Comics unit arsenic protests from fans implicit the Superman’s caller coming retired roseate to the level of credible threats.John Timms/DC Comics

“I anticipation this benignant of happening volition not beryllium seen arsenic a large woody successful the future,” DC creator John Timms told IGN successful October.

Jon Kent’s Superman is said to beryllium 1 much acrophobic with Earth’s societal issues arsenic overmuch arsenic threats from supervillains.

“The question for Jon (and for our originative team) is, what should a caller Superman combat for today? Can a 17-year-old Superman conflict elephantine robots portion ignoring the clime crisis? Of people not,” said DC writer Tom Taylor past month. “Can idiosyncratic with ace show and ace proceeding disregard injustices beyond his borders? Can helium disregard the plight of asylum seekers?”

Among DC’s critics includes Dean Cain, 55, erstwhile live-action superhero histrion successful “Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman,” which aired from 1993 to 1997.

“They said it’s a bold caller direction,” Cain told “Fox & Friends” successful a televised interrogation pursuing the announcement. “I accidental they’re bandwagoning,”

Superman is the latest leader to officially articulation the LGBTQ assemblage — alongside Batman’s sidekick Robin, X-Men’s Kate Pryde and the new Captain America, each of whom came retired arsenic queer during the past year.