‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’ Trailer Reveals First Full Look At New Black Panther Suit

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Black Panther

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BLACK PANTHER, Chadwick Boseman, 2018. © Marvel / © Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures /Courtesy Everett Collection

 Matt Kennedy /© Marvel / © Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures /Courtesy Everett Collection

 Michael B. Jordan, Daniel Kaluuya, 2018. © Marvel / © Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures /Courtesy Everett Collection

Image Credit: Marvel Studios

The full-length trailer for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is yet here, and it’s adjacent much action-packed and affectional than we expected. Marvel released the latest trailer of the Black Panther sequel connected October 3.

Black PantherFirst look astatine the caller Black Panther suit. (Marvel Studios)

The trailer gives a glimpse astatine the caller Black Panther suit. However, the individuality of the pistillate underneath the Black Panther suit has yet to beryllium revealed. Is it Shuri, similar successful the Marvel Comics? Or could it beryllium Nakia?

Tenoch Huerta’s Namor takes halfway signifier successful the caller footage. “Only the astir breached people, tin beryllium large leaders,” Namor says. M’Baku warns that sidesplitting Namor risks “eternal war.” Angela Bassett’s Ramonda stands gangly arsenic Wakanda’s omniscient leader. “They person mislaid their protector. Now is our clip to strike,” she says. “Show them who we are.”

Dominique Thorne’s Riri Williams/Ironheart is besides introduced successful a large way. “The movie deals with a batch of things, but 1 of them is foils — radical who beryllium successful contrast, but there’s a thread of similarity,” director Ryan Coogler told EW. “In this film, we get to spot Shuri conscionable idiosyncratic who has immoderate things successful communal with her, but is besides very, precise different.”

The caller trailer was primitively screened astatine Disney’s D23 Expo successful September, wherever Ryan spoke to the assemblage astir creating the sequel and however it honors Chadwick Boseman, who tragically died from colon crab successful 2020 astatine the property of 43.

“It was conscionable an astonishing acquisition and we perfectly looking guardant to bringing it to you,” Ryan said connected signifier astatine the event. “This is the calm earlier the astonishing storm. Our bosom Chadwick, helium paved the mode – helium showed america the mode – and we had to conscionable his level of excellence.”

Angela BassettAngela Bassett arsenic Ramonda. (Marvel Studios)

The Black Panther sequel started filming successful June 2021. It was antecedently confirmed that the relation of T’Challa would not beryllium recast pursuing Chadwick’s passing. In an interrogation with Deadline in January 2021, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige said the extremity for Black Panther 2 is “to continue to research the satellite of Wakanda and each of the affluent and varied characters introduced successful the archetypal film.”

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever will beryllium released successful theaters connected November 11, 2022. It is the last movie successful Phase Four of the MCU.