Blind date: ‘I should have stopped drinking before I said I was Charlotte Brontë in a previous life’

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Fred connected Laurine


What were you hoping for?
A genuine quality connection, beryllium it romanticist oregon platonic.

First impressions?
She looked similar she’d travel consecutive from the acceptable of The French Dispatch.

What did you speech about?
Childhood memories; the champion movie adaptation of Emma (Clueless); her content that she’s the reincarnation of Charlotte Brontë; however she erstwhile laid a roseate connected Keats’s sedate and shed a teardrop (sorry, Laurine, it was conscionable excessively good).

Any awkward moments?
We kept having to repetition ourselves arsenic determination was a flock of 30 bankers crossed the room, whose cacophony vastly exceeded the socially acceptable decibel level. We asked to beryllium reseated.

Good array manners?
She tackled her curry, atom and naan with grace.

Best happening astir Laurine?
Her unwavering optimism.

Would you present her to your friends?
Yes, particularly the thespians and my person who agrees that Clueless was so the champion adaptation of Emma.

Describe Laurine successful 3 words
Kind, introspective and hilarious.

What bash you deliberation she made of you?
Hopefully an capable drinking and speech companion.

Did you spell connected somewhere?
To the extremity of the street, whence she headed eastbound and I west.

If it weren’t for carnal distancing, would you person kissed?
It didn’t look similar the evening was heading successful that direction.

If you could alteration 1 happening astir the evening, what would it be?
That the banker bros beryllium recalled to the office, leaving down their bottles of Prosecco successful our care.

Marks retired of 10?

Would you conscionable again?
Who wouldn’t? She’s a delight.

Fred and Laurine’s selfie. Photograph: Courtesy Laurie & Fred

Laurine connected Fred


What were you hoping for?
That the different idiosyncratic wouldn’t beryllium rude, boring oregon a Covid-denier.

First impressions?
He started talking astatine maine the 2nd I sat down. Happily, helium began asking maine questions soon afterwards.

What did you speech about?
Arts, our hobbies, views connected literature, beingness and dating. We some person galore opinions astir the astir casual things.

Any awkward moments?
There were 2 oregon 3 lulls, but we had to drawback our breath; we talked lots.

Good array manners?
Nothing to kick about.

Best happening astir Fred?
He spent the evening discussing arts, opera and feminist literature, lone to admit, 4 drinks in, that his favourite movie is The Devil Wears Prada.

Would you present him to your friends?
Yeah, I deliberation they could get along.

Describe Fred successful 3 words
Funny, absorbing and open-minded.

What bash you deliberation helium made of you?
He whitethorn deliberation I’m not close successful the head. I should’ve stopped earlier I said I was Charlotte Brontë successful a erstwhile life. In fact, I should’ve stopped aft 2 drinks.

Did you spell connected somewhere?
No, we went our abstracted ways.

If it weren’t for carnal distancing, would you person kissed?
Nah, don’t deliberation either of america wanted to.

If you could alteration 1 happening astir the evening, what would it be?
The radical astatine the array adjacent to us.

Marks retired of 10?
9. Not 10 arsenic I had to inquire for his number.

Would you conscionable again?
I don’t deliberation determination was a romanticist spark, but I would decidedly conscionable again, and possibly go friends.

Fred and Laurine ate astatine Bangalore Express, London EC3. Fancy a unsighted date? Email [email protected]


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