Blind date: ‘When I asked if we could meet at a different restaurant, he joked that I was a diva’

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Will connected Kate


What were you hoping for?
A amusive evening with idiosyncratic who didn’t instrumentality themselves excessively earnestly and a bully communicative to stock with my friends.

First impressions?
Kate seemed acold much relaxed and enactment maine astatine easiness precise quickly.

What did you speech about?
Our go-to karaoke songs, swimming spots successful London, , parkrun, Rowans (a bowling alley successful northbound London), Emma Raducanu, Sex Education, sports documentaries.

Any awkward moments?

At the photoshoot beforehand I noticed that I inactive had the stamp connected my wrist from the erstwhile night’s gig but I deliberation I got distant with it.

Good array manners?
Exemplary. She adjacent corrected maine connected my pronunciation of romesco.

Best happening astir Kate?
Kate was truly casual to chat with, and we had a batch successful common.

Would you present her to your friends?
Yeah, I deliberation they would each get along.


Want to beryllium successful Blind date?


Blind day is Saturday’s dating column: each week, 2 strangers are paired up for meal and drinks, and past spill the beans to us, answering a acceptable of questions. This runs, with a photograph we take of each dater earlier the date, successful Saturday mag (in the UK) and online at every Saturday. It’s been moving since 2009 – you tin read each astir however we enactment it unneurotic here.

What questions volition I beryllium asked?
We inquire astir age, location, occupation, hobbies, interests and the benignant of idiosyncratic you are looking to meet. If you bash not deliberation these questions cover everything you would similar to know, archer america what’s connected your mind.

Can I take who I lucifer with?
No, it’s a unsighted date! But we bash inquire you a spot astir your interests, preferences, etc – the much you archer us, the amended the lucifer is apt to be.

Can I prime the photograph?
No, but don't worry: we'll take the nicest ones.

What idiosyncratic details volition appear?
Your archetypal name, occupation and age.

How should I answer?
Honestly but respectfully. Be mindful of however it volition work to your date, and that Blind day reaches a ample audience, successful people and online.

Will I spot the different person’s answers?
No. We whitethorn edit yours and theirs for a scope of reasons, including length, and we whitethorn inquire you for much details.

Will you find maine The One?
We’ll try! Marriage! Babies!

Can I bash it successful my location town?
Only if it’s successful the UK. Many of our applicants unrecorded successful London, but we would emotion to perceive from radical surviving elsewhere.

How to apply
Email [email protected]

Describe Kate successful 3 words
Intelligent, open, easy-going.

What bash you deliberation she made of you?
She mightiness person thought that I was idiosyncratic precise keen connected getting arsenic overmuch escaped nutrient retired of the evening arsenic possible.

Did you spell connected somewhere?

No, the evening had reached its earthy end.

If it weren’t for carnal distancing, would you person kissed?

If you could alteration 1 happening astir the evening, what would it be?
I felt for Kate, a vegetarian, going connected a day successful a chickenhearted shop.

Marks retired of 10?

Would you conscionable again?
As friends, yes.

Kate and Will Blind day  selfie
‘Taking a selfie connected a day was a caller experience,’ says Kate.

Kate connected Will


What were you hoping for?
A amusive evening, and immoderate vegetarian options.

First impressions?

He was tall, friendly, and not nervous.

What did you speech about?
Medicine, dating, running, however we some similar being tall, the wonders of the Finsbury Park country of London.

Any awkward moments?
Taking a selfie connected a day was a caller experience. We decided to instrumentality it other the restaurant, and Will kindly fto maine clasp the phone. I was anticipating aggregate tries but we were blessed with the archetypal one.

Good array manners?
Yes, nary nutrient was wasted.

Best happening astir Will?
He was relaxed and casual to chat to.

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Would you present him to your friends?
Yes, they similar anyone who has been to Rowans bowling alley.

Describe Will successful 3 words
Tall, confident, chatty.

What bash you deliberation helium made of you?
Maybe that I was a spot fussy astir the deficiency of veggie options. When I told him that I had asked if we could conscionable astatine a antithetic restaurant, helium joked that I was a diva.

Did you spell connected somewhere?

If it weren’t for carnal distancing, would you person kissed?


If you could alteration 1 happening astir the evening, what would it be?
A little chickeny restaurant.

Marks retired of 10?

Would you conscionable again?
I’m definite helium volition overtake maine astatine the adjacent parkrun.