Blue plaque for Britain’s first black train driver unveiled at King’s Cross

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A bluish plaque has been unveiled commemorating Britain’s archetypal achromatic bid operator astatine King’s Cross presumption successful London.

Wilston Samuel Jackson, who died successful September 2018 astatine the property of 91 and had “dedicated his beingness to the railway”, was honoured during a ceremonial attended by his relatives and manufacture leaders astatine the presumption connected Monday.

Born successful Jamaica, Jackson began maintaining trains soon aft moving to London successful 1952 arsenic portion of the Windrush generation. He went connected to go a operator a decennary aboriginal and had a agelong and palmy vocation connected the railway, including driving the celebrated Flying Scotsman locomotive and The Elizabethan.

His daughter, Polly Jackson, told the ceremony: “He was ne'er precocious oregon missed a day, and helium was truthful arrogant of his work, contempt the galore challenges helium faced. Today was a fitting tribute to his beingness and career.”

Known arsenic Bill, Jackson worked his mode from a attraction relation to a presumption managing bid boilers, which saw him walk the time shovelling ember successful blistery and filthy conditions. He would past instrumentality location to survey for his operator exams.

Black and achromatic  representation   of Wilston Samuel Jackson driving celebrated  locomotive Flying Scotsman
Wilston Samuel Jackson driving celebrated locomotive Flying Scotsman Photograph: Network Rail/PA

His travel to becoming a bid operator came astatine a clip erstwhile galore achromatic radical had their applications blocked owed to racism, and Jackson’s assignment successful 1962 sparked a furious absorption from immoderate of his achromatic colleagues, who unsuccessfully attempted to forestall achromatic men from moving nether him.

Two years later, Jackson broke some his legs erstwhile his bid crashed into the backmost of a stationary goods bid adjacent Finsbury Park, northbound London, aft a signalman mistakenly gave a greenish light.

After his betterment helium returned to the railway, earlier aboriginal emigrating to Zambia wherever helium taught radical however to thrust trains.

The politician of London, Sadiq Khan, tweeted: “Today a plaque was unveiled astatine King’s Cross presumption to commemorate Wilston Samuel Jackson, Great Britain’s archetypal Black bid driver, who overcame horrendous racism successful his aboriginal vocation & went connected to thrust iconic trains similar the Flying Scotsman. A fitting tribute. #BlackHistoryMonth.”

Andrew Haines, Network Rail main executive, called Jackson “a existent trailblazer”. He said: “I person been fascinated to larn astir Wilston’s beingness and career. He was a existent trailblazer for our manufacture and we beryllium him a immense indebtedness of gratitude for his unthinkable service, made adjacent much singular by the galore obstacles helium had to overcome.”

Recent figures from the bid drivers’ union, Aslef, revealed that lone 10% of Britain’s bid drivers are from black, Asian and number taste backgrounds.

Mick Whelan, wide caput of Aslef, said: “We are incredibly arrogant to person had Wilston arsenic 1 of our own, a dedicated operator with an illustrious and groundbreaking career.”

A caller Guardian investigation recovered that only 2% of bluish plaques crossed London connected the English Heritage strategy are dedicated to commemorating notable achromatic figures.