Bob Melvin Gets 3-year Contract to Manage Padres

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SAN DIEGO—Bob Melvin enactment connected a Padres location pinstriped jersey and stated the evident astir becoming San Diego’s caller manager.

“What an opportunity. I’m astir apt arsenic amazed to beryllium present arsenic you each are,” Melvin said Monday aft being introduced astatine a quality league astatine Petco Park.

The hiring of Melvin, who has 18 seasons of large league managerial experience, was a astonishment for a fewer reasons. He was inactive nether declaration for 1 twelvemonth with the Oakland Athletics, wherever helium spent the past 11 years, and Padres wide manager A.J. Preller had a proclivity for hiring skippers with nary erstwhile large league managing experience.

Melvin inherits a squad that had 5 All-Stars—including Fernando Tatis Jr., Manny Machado and Jake Cronenworth—but underwhelmed aft the commercialized deadline and finished with a losing grounds for the 10th clip successful 11 seasons. The Padres were 79-83 and 3rd successful the NL West, 28 games down San Francisco.

Melvin signed a three-year declaration to regenerate Jayce Tingler, who was fired aft the worst illness successful squad past dropped the Padres from a one-game pb for the NL’s 2nd wild-card spot connected Sept. 9 to elimination with much than a week near successful the season.

The Padres and Melvin were capable to support their courtship nether the radar. Melvin lives successful Arizona successful the offseason and his archetypal gathering with Preller was astatine the team’s outpouring grooming analyzable successful Arizona.

“Once I got present and met A.J. successful his gym shorts and his T-shirt and 4 basketballs sitting down him, that was the archetypal hook,” Melvin said astir the gym-rat GM.

Melvin came to San Diego to conscionable with different Padres executives.

He said the large attractions are Petco Park, wherever the A’s played a two-game bid successful precocious July, and the Padres’ roster.

“We came present connected a Tuesday nighttime and determination were 40,000 radical present and it was electric,” Melvin said. “Your would person thought it was the playoffs and it resonated with everybody successful our dugout. We’re each looking astir astatine each different going, ‘Wow.’

“The ballpark is fantastic,” Melvin added. “It is simply a existent destination. And present with the instrumentality basal and the enthusiasm present and the roster; the roster is the existent hook.”

Melvin called Tatis “the astir breathtaking young subordinate successful the game” and said Machado is simply a “stud” and “a imaginable MVP each year.”

Melvin said that aft proceeding astir each of the Padres’ attributes for 2 days, “it was truly an casual determination to make, and I was successful a spot for 10-plus years. It benignant of each came unneurotic quickly. I had a large feeling astir it from the precise beginning. I couldn’t beryllium happier.

“I don’t cognize if there’s a amended destination successful shot to beryllium capable to travel truthful I’m a fortunate man.”

Preller said helium was initially rebuffed erstwhile helium asked Billy Beane, Oakland’s enforcement vice president of shot operations, astir Melvin’s availability. Preller said Beane told him, “basically, nary chance. Go to hell,” but past said the A’s would bash what was champion for Melvin.

Melvin was 853-764 successful 11 seasons with Oakland. He besides managed the Seattle Mariners and Arizona Diamondbacks and is 1,346-1,272 overall.

He won the AL Manager of the Year doubly with the A’s and erstwhile with the Diamondbacks.

“I was fortunate capable to negociate a squad for 10-plus seasons,” Melvin said. “I was the longest-tenured guy. I grew up successful the Bay Area. It was a hometown squad of mine. I was arsenic fortunate arsenic you tin beryllium to negociate that squad but determination comes a clip erstwhile you cognize it doesn’t spell forever.”

Melvin said proceeding astir the Padres’ involvement successful him “was a surprise. I didn’t expect it. Once I was fixed the accidental to perceive to radical present it became wide beauteous rapidly this was the spot for me.”

Melvin has led his teams to 7 postseason appearances and 4 part titles. By comparison, the Padres person been to the postseason lone six times since their inaugural play of 1969.

The Padres ended a 13-year playoff drought during the pandemic-shortened 2020 season. They won a wild-card bid against St. Louis earlier being swept successful the part bid by the eventual World Series champion Los Angeles Dodgers.

By Bernie Wilson

The Associated Press


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