Body of Hong Kong Student Found in Taipei Temple, Taiwan

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On Sept. 29, 2022, the assemblage of a young pistillate pupil was recovered wrong a locked toilet cubicle successful the basement of  Longshan Temple, Taipei. The pupil near a enactment informing radical to not pass with the spiritual world. Her parents rushed to Taiwan aft learning of her death.

Mr. Chung, the student’s father, said his girl had mentioned successful a telephone telephone with her mother, that she was upset and thought immoderate spirits were harassing her.

He criticized the Taiwan constabulary for being sloppy with their probe and for refusing to bash a preliminary autopsy. Chung stated that helium would effort to get ineligible advice.

The Discovery

On Sept. 29, a cleaner couldn’t unfastened the doorway of a toilet stall. Once a information defender opened the door, helium recovered a woman’s assemblage connected the floor. Police recovered 2 notes from the deceased woman’s backpack.

One enactment addressed the cleaners who would observe her body, “I americium sorry. I cognize cleaning up is going to beryllium precise troublesome.” The different enactment read: “Please forgive me. Do not randomly pass with the underworld.”

Police besides recovered Ms. Chung’s individuality successful her knapsack. They discovered she was a 19-year-old Hong Kong pupil studying astatine Lunghua University of Science and Technology successful the metropolis of Taoyuan, Taiwan.

Based connected aggregate media reports, the pupil arrived astatine the temple astatine 11 a.m. and headed to the bath successful the temple basement. Taiwan constabulary traced her steps via CCTV information footage. No 1 had followed the pistillate to the basement, nor were determination immoderate signs of a conflict oregon violence. Hence, the constabulary ruled retired homicide arsenic the origin of death. Officers proceed to analyse the origin of decease arsenic of Oct. 3, 2022.

Parents Dissatisfied with Police

Ms. Chung’s parents rushed to Taiwan acknowledgment to assistance from the Taiwan government. The mates were escorted from the quarantine edifice to put for their precocious daughter’s ceremonial and burial.

Mr. Chung, the begetter of the precocious student, told the media that the constabulary enactment had been sloppy. “Not lone did they garbage to behaviour a preliminary autopsy, they besides asked america to spot their acquisition and to motion for the lawsuit closure.”

Mr. Chung did not comply. He believed that determination were suspicions, including that the CCTV cameras could person covered different areas his girl had passed through.

Mr. Chung said that helium would not remainder until helium recovered the answers helium was looking for. He would besides question ineligible proposal and spell to the temple himself to investigate.


In effect to Mr. Chung’s criticism, the constabulary said they ne'er refused to bash an autopsy and judge determination was a miscommunication betwixt the 2 parties.

Wanhua Precinct Assistant Captain Huang explained that erstwhile they received a telephone astir the find of a body, the constabulary squad instantly went to the country to investigate, entree disposable surveillance camera footage, and cod evidence. Later that day, the section authoritative and forensic examiner of the District Public Prosecutor’s Office  conducted an autopsy.

The Vice Captain said, “If I retrieve correctly, the household arrived successful Taiwan connected the evening of Sept. 30, 2022. But they had to beryllium quarantined astatine a hotel. On the greeting of Oct. 3, 2022, section prosecutors escorted the parents to the coroner’s bureau for a 2nd autopsy. Therefore, determination mightiness person been a miscommunication somewhere, since we ne'er refused an autopsy and had successful information conducted it twice.”

Before Her Death

Mr. Chung said his girl did not bash good successful secondary schoolhouse successful Hong Kong. So successful September 2020, she continued her studies astatine Lunghua University of Science and Technology successful Taiwan. She was successful her 3rd twelvemonth astatine the school.

Due to pandemic restrictions, Chung’s parents could not sojourn their girl for a agelong time. Mr. Chung remembered however relieved they were erstwhile she told them however overmuch she loved the Taiwanese university.

Along with being quiet, Chung was described arsenic well-mannered and intelligent. She received scholarships from the schoolhouse and enjoyed drafting and doing handicrafts. When she archetypal arrived successful Taiwan, she made other wealth moving an online store during her clip distant from school.

Signs of Melancholy

In the summertime of 2022, Chung returned to Hong Kong for vacation. Her begetter said she seemed good astatine that time; but erstwhile she returned to schoolhouse successful September, she spoke of feeling bittersweet connected the telephone with her mother.

Chung besides told her mom, “ I deliberation I americium seeing things. I deliberation they mightiness beryllium spirits. I americium miserable.”

The parents had planned to instrumentality their girl to Japan for a interruption connected Oct. 4, 2022.

Mr. Chung told the paper that his girl lived successful the assemblage 4-bedroom dormitory.

Although his girl was ne'er bullied astatine schoolhouse oregon progressive with wealth disputes, helium disquieted it mightiness beryllium challenging for her to find caller friends and pass with radical to owed to her quiescent personality.

“Having nary 1 with her makes her excavation deeper into the rabbit hole.”


While netizens speculate whether the assemblage find was ‘ghost related,’ Chinese paper Info Times consulted Taiwanese Folk Culture Study Researcher and Numerologist Master Hsieh.

Hsieh archetypal explained that successful accepted people culture, radical judge that erstwhile a idiosyncratic contacts oregon summons the dead, the surviving tin beryllium connected to the dormant connected a spiritual level. Hence their imaginativeness oregon proceeding whitethorn beryllium synchronized.

However, Hsieh said the deceased could person participated successful thing to pass with spirits, specified arsenic a ouija board, earlier her death. She became fearful aft that. He analyzed the notes recovered successful Ms. Chung’s backpack. The people civilization adept said, “Scientifically, the 2 written notes were signs of Ms. Chung suffering from terrible distress and fears earlier her death. However, since the precocious pupil came from Hong Kong, she astir apt did not cognize who to crook to for help. Her fears could beryllium the origin of her hallucination.”

Official Response

Taiwan Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) instructed its Hong Kong Affairs Office to supply afloat assistance to Mr. And Mrs. Chung. The bureau said it would bash its champion to supply immoderate the household needed during their clip successful Taiwan.

The Taiwan MAC said that arsenic soon arsenic the quality broke, they instantly issued introduction visas to Taiwan to the parents.

Once the Chungs arrived, the assembly said it sent their condolences and prayers to the parents done the university.

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