Bodycam Footage Shows Texas Man Admitting to Brazen Cash-for-Ballots Scheme

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The contention for region justice successful the 2nd biggest region successful Texas was rocked past period erstwhile allegations of past fraudulent ballot harvesting surfaced against Democrat nominee Deborah Peoples.

Footage from a bodycam worn by a Fort Worth constabulary serviceman shows a antheral telling a policeman that Peoples allegedly paid him $200 currency for each fraudulently formed absentee ballot helium could present successful the months earlier the 2016 statesmanlike election.

The footage of the January 3, 2020, speech was obtained done a nationalist grounds petition and archetypal appeared successful a Gateway Pundit nonfiction successful mid-September. The Fort Worth constabulary section confirmed the video’s authenticity to The Epoch Times.

The video shows a nighttime treatment betwixt the serviceman and a bicyclist helium stopped for riding successful the incorrect absorption connected a nationalist street.

After identifying the rider arsenic Charles Jackson, the serviceman realized helium was acquainted with Jackson from a erstwhile brushwood connected the streets of Fort Worth successful 2016.

During the archetypal encounter, the stateless Jackson had trouble explaining wherefore helium had $1,000 successful currency connected his person.

Jackson said it had thing to bash with the election.

At the time, the serviceman warned him that tampering with elections could person terrible consequences and fto him go.

Jackson did not heed the policeman’s advice, and sometime aft his 2016 brushwood with instrumentality enforcement, helium was arrested and charged with providing mendacious accusation connected a voting application.

In the 2020 assemblage cam video, Jackson said that aft his arrest, helium was rapidly bailed retired of jailhouse by a idiosyncratic helium knew to beryllium intimately affiliated with Peoples.

He besides said the justice imposed a gag bid connected each parties to the case.

Jackson pleaded blameworthy successful April 2019 successful speech for a lesser sentence.

“They trying to get maine for 10 years…I didn’t cognize it was that bad…It turned retired they’d been stealing votes,” helium told the policeman successful the video.

Despite a grounds of erstwhile felonies, which made him eligible to service up to 10 years successful prison, Jackson was sentenced to 10 days successful jailhouse with recognition for 10 days served.

The gag bid did not halt Jackson from telling the policeman who pulled him implicit successful 2020 that helium was hired by Deborah Peoples, past chairperson of the Tarrant County Democrat Party.

“I tin speech now,” said Jackson. “I’m done with it…Deborah gave maine cash.”

Jackson said helium was provided with the idiosyncratic voting registration accusation of aged Texans.

His occupation was to sojourn them and deceive them into signing absentee ballot documents that helium misrepresented arsenic region predetermination forms utilized to certify that their idiosyncratic information was correct.

Jackson past voted for each the Democrat candidates listed connected the ballots and turned them successful for cash.

The victims had nary thought what was happening. Many were amazed erstwhile they requested an absentee ballot oregon showed up astatine the polls connected predetermination time and were told they had already voted.

In the video, Jackson alleges that Peoples personally paid him successful currency for his services.

He said helium was besides rewarded with a moped and bonuses implicit the six months helium engaged successful the ballot harvesting scam—an endeavor that helium claimed earned him betwixt $900 and $1,200 per week.

Peoples did not respond to a petition for remark from The Epoch Times.

On September 26, 2022, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram quoted Peoples saying that Republicans were “disrespecting voters by leaning connected mendacious accusation from an outlet celebrated for spreading lies to service an utmost agenda.”

In an October 4 telephone interrogation with The Epoch Times, Timothy O’Hare, Peoples’ Republican opponent, explained that successful Tarrant County, the presumption of County Judge is akin to a region enforcement and carries immense administrative authority.

“It’s similar being the politician of the county. Over 2 cardinal radical unrecorded here. We are the third largest region successful Texas and the fifteenth largest successful the United States.”

Commenting connected the assemblage cam video, O’Hare said radical should ticker it and determine for themselves what to believe.

“If Deborah Peoples participated successful an amerciable voting operation, she is unfit to clasp immoderate nationalist bureau and should beryllium prosecuted to the fullest grade of the law.

“If an probe into the allegations referenced successful the video has not already commenced, 1 should statesman immediately,” O’Hare said.

Last week, Tarrant County Sheriff Bill Waybourn, a Republican, announced successful a property merchandise that it would beryllium “inappropriate” for the Sheriff’s Office to analyse allegations of predetermination fraud leveled astatine Peoples due to the fact that helium has endorsed O’Hare for County Judge.

As of property time, the Tarrant County District Attorney’s Office, the Office of the Texas Attorney General, and the Texas Rangers person not responded to questions from The Epoch Times astir immoderate imaginable oregon ongoing probe of Peoples.

According to long-time Texas governmental advisor Aaron Harris, who said helium is not moving for the O’Hare campaign, modern-day predetermination fraud is not antithetic successful the Lone Star State, particularly successful Tarrant County.

He told The Epoch Times that since 2015, the region has been astatine the forefront of exposing the Democrats’ past of ballot harvesting and predetermination fraud and that helium was “shocked” erstwhile the enactment made Peoples their nominee for County Judge.

“Make nary mistake, Deborah Peoples (has agelong been) astatine the halfway of Tarrant County harvesting. As the Democrat region chair… she operated a ‘consulting’ work whose specialty was mail-in ballots. Harvesting was her breadstuff and butter,” helium alleged.

Harris besides stated that, successful Texas, ballot Democrats and Republicans had been progressive successful ballot harvesting schemes.

“Ballot harvesting successful section elections is much astir grift than ideology,” helium said.

In 2018, 4 women were indicted by the Texas lawyer wide for alleged predetermination fraud successful Tarrant County.

The Texas caput of authorities announced successful 2019 that a cross-check of the state’s elector rolls with its Department of Public Safety records discovered that 95,000 non-citizens registered to vote, and 58,000 of them voted successful 1 oregon much Texas elections.

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