Bone Found in SUV of Ohio Mom 2 Kids Missing Since 2002: Officials

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Police portion    is seen successful  this banal  photo. (Simaah/Pixabay)

Police portion is seen successful this banal photo. (Simaah/Pixabay)

The conveyance belonging to a parent of 2 children who each disappeared astir 20 years agone was pulled retired the Ohio River, said the Delhi Township Police Department.

Stephanie Van Nguyen and her young children, John and Kristina, vanished successful 2002 successful the Cincinnati suburb of Delhi, said constabulary successful a Facebook post.

The pistillate was traveling successful a 1997 Nissan Pathfinder with Ohio plates, according to an Ohio Attorney General’s Office missing idiosyncratic study connected her case. Her lawsuit was investigated but was near cold.

The Indiana State Police confirmed connected Monday that a bony recovered successful the conveyance is believed to beryllium of quality origin, and it was sent to a transgression laboratory for testing.

“Nguyen near a enactment that she was going to thrust into the Ohio River,” Delhi Police said successful the post. Her conveyance wasn’t ever located.

But successful 2021, officials re-investigated the lawsuit aft advancements successful sonar technology. According to section reports, searchers past week discovered the Pathfinder astir 50 feet beneath the Ohio River’s aboveground successful Aurora, Indiana, which is astir 24 miles westbound of Delhi.

After “years of being underwater, it was successful atrocious shape. So, it’s going to instrumentality a batch of clip to find if anyone was successful there,” said Delhi Township constabulary Lt. Joe Macaluso, according to WLWT-TV.

Retired Delhi Sgt. Bob Schwaeble, who was assigned her lawsuit successful the aboriginal 2000s, told the quality outlet that the enactment was near to her parents on with wealth and jewelry.

“In this note, it said, ‘Use this wealth and jewelry to wage for the ceremonial for maine and the children,'” Schwaeble told the station.

The Delhi Police said they were assisted by the Hamilton County Police Association Dive Team and the Indiana Department of Natural Resources. F

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