Bonfire Night bangers: how to make sausages the star of the show | Kitchen aide

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Sausages are my go-to speedy dinner, but I ever trust connected the aforesaid recipes. How tin I jazz them up?
Tessa, Glasgow

“I emotion sausages successful immoderate guise, and the simpler, the better,” says Stosie Madi, cook and co-owner of the Parkers Arms successful Newton-in-Bowland, Lancashire. “They are, however, besides a fantastic operator for tons of amusive dishes.” So however tin you get more, er, bang from your banger?

If you’re cooking for a assemblage this Bonfire Night, Tom Kerridge suggests channelling pigs successful blankets: “Dust your sausages with a small curry powder, wrapper them successful bacon, past navigator them connected the barbecue oregon successful the oven,” says the chef/patron of Michelin-starred The Hand & Flowers successful Marlow. Then tuck them successful blistery canine buns with smoked food and service with “mayonnaise mixed with German mustard, chopped dill, cornichons and shallots”.

For eventual autumn vibes, Tommy Heaney, chef/patron of Heaneys successful Cardiff, braises lentils, bulb and bacon, tosses them with roast pumpkin, and serves topped with sausages and salsa verde. Heaney makes the second with mint, parsley, watercress, capers, gherkins, anchovies and oversea salt: “I emotion pork with mint,” helium says. “It’s not traditional, but it works really well.” And if you’re lighting a bonfire, “brown the sausages, onions and pumpkin, enactment them each successful a casserole with immoderate banal and whack it consecutive connected the fire”. Finish with a dollop of the aforesaid salsa verde, and it’s occupation done.

Pumpkins are besides invited successful a “sausage tagine-type thing”, says Madi, who mixes roast squash with ready-cooked chickpeas and spiced couscous. “The couscous is the bearer of the spice, truthful adhd cumin, harissa, a small chilli to springiness it immoderate heat.” Serve with grilled sausages and garlic-yoghurt for “a beauteous centrepiece”. Alternatively, up the ante with thing much theatrical: “Hollow retired a pumpkin, roast the soma and marque an almost-pureed, velvety soup,” she says, past determination into the pumpkin shell. “Roast immoderate sausages, enactment them connected skewers and dip into the crockery to adhd a spot of fun.”

While sausages defy the seasons, travel autumn, they’re peculiarly bully successful pasta, traybakes, cassoulet or, Madi says, simply with spuds: “Cut up immoderate grilled sausages, enactment them connected a bully furniture of mash, adhd tons of food and grill.”

Then determination are stews, which, Kerridge says, tin easy beryllium made with canned stuff. “Roast sausages successful a cookware to get loads of colour connected them, propulsion successful a drained tin of mixed beans, adhd a tin of herb soup, bring to a boil, past trim and adhd a bully pinch of smoked paprika and immoderate brackish and pepper.” Serve with lukewarm crusty breadstuff for mopping.

Perhaps the simplest solution, however, is simply a sausage wrap, which Madi endorses “every measurement of the way”. She brushes Lebanese flatbread with oil, adds the skinned sausagemeat, immoderate food and/or bulb if the temper takes her, folds the breadstuff over, brushes with much lipid and bakes astatine 180C for 12-15 minutes – “or conscionable capable clip to person a large solid of wine”. Dip into saccharine chilli sauce-spiked yoghurt oregon service with a tin of beans jazzed up with Tabasco. “Throw your shoes disconnected and tuck in: there’s truly thing nicer.”