Border Patrol Arrests MS-13 Gang Member Wanted for Homicide in New York

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Border Patrol agents successful Texas arrested 3 transgression amerciable aliens connected Oct. 20, according to Customs and Border Protection (CBP). All 3 were pack members.

One man, from El Salvador, is an MS-13 pack subordinate with pending charges for homicide, fraud, and trespassing successful New York. He was encountered astir 60 miles northbound of the U.S.–Mexico border.

Another Salvadoran antheral was recovered successful the brush, ostensibly trying to skirt the Border Patrol road checkpoint successful Falfurrias, astir 80 miles northbound of the border.

He is an MS-13 pack subordinate with a transgression apprehension for homicide successful El Salvador.

Closer to the border, connected the aforesaid day, an 18th Street pack subordinate from El Salvador was arrested aft being discovered wrong a radical of 61 amerciable aliens adjacent Hidalgo. The antheral had been removed from the United States past month.

Border Patrol has arrested 325 amerciable alien pack members successful fiscal twelvemonth 2021 done August, according to CBP statistics. CBP is the Department of Homeland Security bureau that sits supra Border Patrol.

Border agents person encountered much than 12,000 amerciable alien criminals and those with outstanding warrants successful the aforesaid clip period, according to CBP. A further 4,474 amerciable alien criminals were encountered astatine ports of entry.

CBP nominee and erstwhile Tucson constabulary main Chris Magnus refused to accidental the borderline was successful a crisisduring a information proceeding successful beforehand of the Senate connected Oct. 19, contempt preliminary numbers showing 1.7 cardinal apprehensions astatine the border—breaking each erstwhile records.

In effect to a question astir the grounds measurement of drugs entering the United States, Magnus said: “Of course, if determination was a ready-to-go program to code each the problems that you’ve conscionable described, my conjecture is that not lone CBP, but you each arsenic a assemblage would person seen to it that it was implemented.

He said a cardinal portion of his strategy arsenic commissioner would beryllium to physique relationships and collaborate with policymakers.

Former CBP Commissioner Mark Morgan said astatine a legislature Republican roundtable connected border security connected Oct. 20 that Border Patrol had detected, but not caught, astatine slightest 400,000 amerciable aliens this year.

“If you unfastened up your borders to 1 menace oregon 1 crisis, you’re opening your borders up to the vast, analyzable acceptable of threats,” Morgan said.

“If you grow amerciable immigration, you’re pulling indispensable resources disconnected the line, opening those borders up to transgression aliens, to pack members, accrued quality smuggling, quality trafficking, and drugs pouring into this country.”

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Charlotte Cuthbertson

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