Border Patrol Could Face Shortage of Agents Over Vaccine Mandate

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While hundreds of thousands of amerciable immigrants transverse the confederate borderline successful the worst migration situation successful the nation’s history, the national authorities could soon look a shortage of United States Border Patrol agents owed to a COVID-19 vaccine mandate deadline connected Nov. 22.

President Joe Biden told CNN’s Anderson Cooper astatine a caller CNN municipality hallway that instrumentality enforcement officers should beryllium fired if they don’t get the vaccine. When Cooper asked, “Should constabulary officers, exigency responders beryllium mandated to get vaccines? And if not, should they be—stay astatine location oregon fto go?” Biden responded, “Yes, and yes.”

The Border Patrol has been encountering astir 7,000 amerciable immigrants a time connected mean for months, according to Tom Homan, who served arsenic acting manager of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) during President Donald Trump’s administration.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has reported astir 1.7 encounters with amerciable aliens successful the 2021 fiscal year, but Homan said helium expects the fig to scope 1.9 million.

Homan said 1 Border Patrol cause is heading up a radical representing respective 100 others who accidental they volition hazard being fired alternatively than beryllium coerced into taking getting the jab.

“I’m not anti-vax,” Homan said. “Each idiosyncratic has to take connected his own. Some conscionable don’t privation to bash it.”

The radical of agents is prepared to writer the medication if they bash suffer their jobs, helium said.

“They won’t instrumentality the vax, truthful successful a clip of crisis, [Biden] shouldn’t unit this issue,” Homan said.

“I talked to 1 pistillate borderline patrol agent. She’s 3 months pregnant. She doesn’t cognize what the vax volition bash to her, and she cares, truthful she’s consenting to suffer her job,” Homan said.

Epoch Times Photo U.S Customs and Border Protection Border Patrol Station Indio successful Indio, Calif., connected Oct. 18, 2021. (John Fredricks/The Epoch Times)

He questioned the logic of forcing the Border Patrol to get vaccinated erstwhile amerciable migrants are not required to beryllium vaccinated earlier they’re released into American cities.

In Southern California, a reliable root adjacent to the Border Patrol told The Epoch Times that agents are acrophobic to talk retired astir the national worker vaccine mandate.

Hundreds of migrants who crossed the borderline successful Texas and Arizona person arrived by the busloads each time for months astatine Border Patrol stations successful 4 Southern California cities: El Centro, Calexico, Indio, and Riverside, the root said.

At the Border Patrol presumption successful Indio, Calif., astir 4 busloads of migrants get each day, the root said.

Each autobus tin spot up to 75 passengers which could perchance mean 300 migrants a time person entered done the Indio presumption since August. If each 4 stations successful the El Centro assemblage are taking successful that galore people, it could mean much than 100,000 amerciable immigrants person been moved done the portion successful the past fewer months, the root said.

Epoch Times Photo Immigrants are moved onto buses and transferred to a migrant structure successful Indio, Calif., connected Oct. 18, 2021. (John Fredricks/The Epoch Times)

Homan said the Yuma, Ariz., Border Patrol presumption has been swamped.

“Yuma is getting their butts kicked, truthful they’re moving those radical implicit to beryllium released successful Riverside. I heard that from a Border Patrol commander,” helium said. “They instrumentality them to immoderate spot called Murrieta. They’re processed determination and past they are released successful Riverside.”

A CBP spokesperson based successful San Diego told The Epoch Times via email that respective Border Patrol sectors person seen a “significant summation successful encounters successful caller months,” but did not supply circumstantial data.

“In bid to process individuals arsenic safely and expeditiously arsenic possible, unprocessed individuals whitethorn beryllium transported via aerial oregon crushed proscription to different sectors on the Southwest border,” the spokesperson said. “The operational request for these sector-to-sector transfers is assessed regular based connected the processing capableness and installation capableness of each assemblage and not by outer influences.”

The spokesperson stated that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) “is actively moving to guarantee compliance” with President Biden’s Executive Order requiring national employees beryllium vaccinated against COVID-19 “except successful constricted circumstances where an objection is required by law.”

DHS has asked each employees to certify their vaccination presumption by Nov. 9 oregon petition a spiritual oregon aesculapian exemption.

“CBP stands acceptable to code immoderate imaginable summation successful migrant encounters arsenic we enactment to guarantee information and information of our borders, portion managing a just and orderly migration system,” the spokesperson said.

“Like with migrant surges successful the past, the U.S. Border Patrol is fortunate to person dedicated instrumentality enforcement professionals who stay resilient arsenic we question to amended enforcement efforts on the border. Day successful and time out, our Border Patrol agents proceed to conscionable the request to support our nation’s borderline arsenic good arsenic process migrants safely and expeditiously,” the CBP spokesperson said.

Epoch Times Photo The USA/Mexico borderline partition successful Tijuana, Mexico, connected Sept. 10, 2021. (John Fredricks/The Epoch Times)

‘Mission Abolished’

Though the Obama and Biden administrations haven’t abolished ICE and the Border Patrol, they some “crippled” the ngo of some agencies and morale has sunk to caller lows, Homan claimed.

“I’ve talked to hundreds of Border Patrol agents. I’ve been down to Del Rio and Rio Grande respective times,” Homan said. “I haven’t talked to 1 Border Patrol who has immoderate respect for the President oregon the Secretary. They consciousness similar they’ve been abandoned. … They’re fed up.”

ICE detentions are mode down, and the bureau made the lowest fig of apprehension removals successful the past of the bureau successful September, helium said.

ICE officers tin nary longer apprehension idiosyncratic for being successful the state illegally, Homan said.

“An amerciable alien tin locomotion up to an ICE serviceman contiguous and say, ‘I’m present illegally. I’ve been present for a year. I adjacent got an bid from an migration justice saying I indispensable leave, and I didn’t leave. I became a fugitive,’ and ICE has to locomotion away,” helium said.

armed-border-agent An equipped U.S. Customs and Border Patrol cause stands ticker astatine the borderline obstruction adjacent to the formation successful Tijuana, astatine the Border State Park successful San Diego, Calif., connected Nov. 16, 2018. (Mike Blake/File Photo/Reuters)

Bad Press

The mainstream media is trying to deflect attraction distant from the borderline situation by portraying Border Patrol agents “as the atrocious guys,” the root said.

“It’s horrible that they’re being portrayed by the media not having empathy oregon sympathy for migrants oregon anyone coming to assertion asylum. Everybody has empathy for that, including Border Patrol,” the root said. “If they’ve got a definite angle, they tally with it and that’s not right. That’s not just to each cause that’s truly trying to support the citizens and adjacent the migrants.”

Though 557 migrant deaths were reported astatine the confederate borderline successful the 2021 fiscal year, according to CNN, Homan said Border Patrol agents prevention thousands of lives.

CNN has reported determination were 12,854 Border Patrol rescues this past fiscal year, “far surpassing the erstwhile 4 years,” and much than doubling the erstwhile precocious successful 2019 of 5,335 rescues.

“The Border Patrol saved implicit 8,000 lives this year—over 8000 and inactive counting this calendar year,” Homan said. “They’ve pulled radical retired of the river, they saved radical successful the desert—over 8000 saves.”

“I tin archer you what they’ve seen each time this twelvemonth has been devastating to them. It’s taken a toll connected them arsenic mothers and fathers oregon sons and daughters themselves,” Homan said.

Many Border Patrol agents bring their ain kids’ toys to facilities wherever migrant children are held portion their parents are detained, helium said.

When Homan was Border Patrol agent, helium would often brushwood migrants who were bushed and bare and crossing the borderline illegally and connection them food.

“I’d springiness them my lunch,” helium said. “And that happens inactive to this day.”

“I’ve been down to Rio Grande Valley 5 times this year,” Homan said. “The lone humane happening connected that borderline are the Border Patrol agents—how they dainty these families and children.”

Homan joined the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) successful 1984 and worked arsenic a Border Patrol agent, researcher and supervisor earlier helium was appointed Executive Associate Director of ICE successful 2013 and acting manager of the bureau successful 2017.

border security ICE Deputy Director Tom Homan speaks astatine the National Press Club astatine an lawsuit hosted by the Center for Immigration Studies, connected June 5, 2018. (Charlotte Cuthbertson/The Epoch Times)

Back of the Line

With the strategy clogged with progressively much asylum claims, radical who are going done the migration strategy legally are pushed to the backmost of the line, Homan said.

On a caller travel to New York City, Homan’s driver, an migrant from Africa, recognized him and told him helium came to the U.S. arsenic a student, became a imperishable resident, and past a citizen.

“He’s been trying for 8 years to get his woman and 3 kids implicit here,” Homan said.

The antheral was frustrated with “doing things the ineligible way,” due to the fact that he’s paying migration fees and taking the due steps portion helium sees families transverse the borderline illegally and assertion asylum, Homan said.

Those who falsely assertion asylum and leap to the beforehand of the migration enactment are hindering those with morganatic asylum claims, helium said.

“That’s the frustrating thing,” Homan said. “There are radical successful this satellite that truly bash request asylum present due to the fact that their governments are persecuting them and torturing them, but they’re taking a backseat.”

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