Boris Johnson leadership crisis live: Damian Hinds, Brandon Lewis and Helen Whately become latest ministers to quit

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Damian Hinds resigns arsenic information minister, says Johnson has presided implicit 'serious erosion' of standards

Damian Hinds has resigned arsenic information minister. Hinds, who served successful furniture arsenic acquisition caput nether Theresa May, says successful his resignation missive determination has been a “serious erosion” of standards successful nationalist beingness nether Boris Johnson. And helium says:

It shouldn’t instrumentality the resignation of dozens of colleagues, but for our country, and spot successful our democracy, we indispensable person a alteration of leadership.

It has been a immense privilege and work to service arsenic information minister.
It shouldn’t instrumentality the resignation of dozens of colleagues, but for our country, and spot successful our democracy, we indispensable person a alteration of leadership.
My missive to the PM:

— Damian Hinds (@DamianHinds) July 7, 2022

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Here is different extract from Brandon Lewis’s resignation letter. He said:

A determination to permission authorities is ne'er taken lightly, peculiarly astatine specified a captious clip for Northern Ireland. I person taken a batch of clip to see this decision, having outlined my presumption to you astatine magnitude past nighttime ...

I person gone retired and defended this authorities some publically and privately. We are, however, present past the constituent of nary return. I cannot sacrifice my idiosyncratic integrity to support things arsenic they basal now. It is wide that our party, parliamentary colleagues, volunteers and the full country, merit amended ...

A divided Party cannot triumph elections. It cannot present for those who trusted america with their votes for the archetypal clip successful 2019.

Brandon Lewis and Helen Whately go latest ministers to quit

Good morning. Boris Johnson is inactive premier minister. For weeks galore Tories person been urging the furniture to equine a coup against him, and unit him out. A minimalist mentation of that happened yesterday, but Johnson saw them disconnected and present helium remains caput of a authorities that appears fatally weakened, bereft of credibility - and overmuch smaller than accustomed (because of each the ministers who person resigned).

Here is our overnight round-up.

Two furniture ministers resigned connected Tuesday nighttime (Rishi Sunak and Sajid Javid), yesterday a 3rd was sacked (Michael Gove), and a 4th resigned (Simon Hart). And wrong the past fewer minutes a 5th has gone - Brandon Lewis, the Northern Ireland secretary. In his resignation missive Lewis said Johnson’s authorities was present “past the constituent of nary return”.

A decent and liable Government relies connected honesty, integrity and communal respect - it is simply a substance of profound idiosyncratic regret that I indispensable permission Government arsenic I nary longer judge those values are being upheld.

I person submitted my missive of resignation to the Prime Minister.

— Brandon Lewis (@BrandonLewis) July 7, 2022

This greeting different much inferior curate has resigned too. In her missive explaining wherefore she discontinue her station arsenic Treasury minister, Helen Whately, said determination were lone truthful galore times the PM could apologise for thing that went incorrect and anticipation to determination on.

Lewis’s resignation means 22 ministers person present near the government. (Many much PPSs person quit, but they are overmuch little important.) It is debatable whether the authorities tin adjacent relation with immoderate galore jobs near vacant. But Johnson whitethorn good proceed successful bureau until adjacent week, erstwhile it seems definite that the Conservative backbencher 1922 Committee volition alteration the rules to let different nary assurance ballot successful Johnson, which helium would lose.

Quite what volition hap contiguous is anyone’s guess, but we volition beryllium covering each the developments here.