Boston sports radio floating Astros cheating conspiracy theories

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Yes, Red Sox fans person started to person themselves that the Astros are cheating.

After 2 consecutive blowout wins astatine Fenway Park put Houston up 3-2 successful the ALCS, 1 Red Sox instrumentality went to the portion and recovered … a whistle that whitethorn oregon whitethorn not person tipped Yordan Alvarez to a Chris Sale fastball portion the transportation was being thrown?

It’s not rather garbage tin bangs — and it should beryllium noted that fans sometimes (often) whistle during sporting events — but sports vigor successful Beantown is rolling with it nonetheless.

“I’ll instrumentality each the cheating conspiracy theories,” tweeted the relationship for Toucher and Rich, the No. 1 vigor amusement successful the market. “ALL of them.”

Setting speech that the Astros are connected the road, and 1 imagines connected their champion behaviour aft the past cheating ungraded carried monolithic ramifications, a whistle doesn’t look similar the astir businesslike mode to cheat. Particularly connected the road, determination would beryllium a precocious accidental for a instrumentality to make mixed signals.

That hasn’t stopped “Toucher and Rich” from tweeting astir what they’re calling “Whistlegate” six times Thursday greeting – not counting retweets. They’ve besides accused Astros manager Dusty Baker of cheating via wearing a Fitbit, which can “vibrate if a fastball is coming.”

Even so, the Astros did people 9 runs successful Games 4 and 5 to instrumentality power of the series. Does determination request to beryllium an ulterior crushed for that? Apparently, yes.

The Astros person a accidental to clinch the bid connected Friday nighttime astatine Minute Maid Park. We tin lone presume the Red Sox volition beryllium keeping an receptor out.