Braves’ Tyler Matzek puts halt to Dodgers’ comeback hopes

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ATLANTA — Tyler Matzek had astir nary country for mistake erstwhile helium was summoned to transportation successful the seventh inning with the Braves holding a two-run pb Saturday night.

The Dodgers had conscionable rallied for a tally against ineffective reliever Luke Jackson and had runners connected 2nd and 3rd basal with cipher out. Soon, the Dodgers would beryllium swinging astatine air.

In succession, the left-hander struck retired Albert Pujols, Steven Souza Jr. and Mookie Betts, sidesplitting the Dodgers’ past rally. Matzek returned to the mound successful the eighth and retired the broadside successful order. He finished the NLCS with 11 strikeouts successful 5 innings.

“My occupation is simple: It’s spell ahead, get retired determination and conscionable effort to onslaught guys out,” Matzek said aft the Braves precocious to the World Series with a 4-2 victory successful Game 6 of the NLCS astatine Truist Park. “That is what I’m trying to bash [in the seventh]. I cognize we person got nary outs, runner connected 3rd and runner connected second. I can’t fto a popular up oregon a crushed shot spell through. I americium looking to get those guys retired and onslaught them out. It’s a elemental job. Just spell retired determination and propulsion my champion worldly and I was fortunate that my champion worldly worked tonight.”

Tyler Matzek celebrates aft  striking retired  the broadside  successful  the seventh inning of the Braves' 4-2 NL pennant-clinching triumph   implicit    the Dodgers.Tyler Matzek celebrates aft striking retired the broadside successful the seventh inning of the Braves’ 4-2 NL pennant-clinching triumph implicit the Dodgers. USA TODAY Sports

Matzek said it was evident to him the Braves would triumph aft they escaped the seventh.

“I knew that it enactment america successful the champion presumption to triumph and I knew we were going to propulsion done astatine that point, honestly,” Matzek said. “I felt the boys were going to travel in, I hoped we were going to get different tally oregon two. We didn’t, but we did what we needed to bash and we got the win.”

Jorge Soler’s lack from the Braves aft investigating affirmative for COVID-19 has fixed him a caller position connected the powerfulness of preventative medicine.

The Braves outfielder was unvaccinated.

“I consciousness mode antithetic now,” Soler said Saturday earlier Game 6 of the NLCS astatine Truist Park. “I consciousness atrocious astir it and I’m going to get a changeable arsenic soon arsenic I can.”

Soler, who was asymptomatic, said helium began moving retired astatine location connected the 5th time aft investigating positive. He was reinstated to the roster aft 10 days, for Game 5 of the NLCS connected Thursday.

“I consciousness truly atrocious not being with the team,” said Soler, who had a treble successful a pinch-hit at-bat successful the eighth inning connected Saturday. “Having COVID, it was pugnacious for me, for the family, for the team, truthful I truly missed not being here.”

Snitker offered congratulations to a subordinate of the Astros coaching unit aft the squad bushed Boston successful Game 6 of the ALCS connected Friday.

Snitker’s son, Troy, is the Astros hitting coach.

“Proud of him,” Brian Snitker said. “I got to FaceTime with him. Watched the celebration. I told him the archetypal time, it’s not this easy, you know, it’s truly hard to get there, arsenic we’re seeing. But it’s been a large acquisition for him and I’m blessed for him. I said, ‘I anticipation I tin articulation you.’ ”

Eddie Perez, present a peculiar adjunct for Atlanta, was the MVP of the NLCS the past clip the Braves reached the World Series, successful 1999. Perez, past a backup catcher who specialized successful handling Greg Maddux, joked earlier Saturday’s game: “I had to person country aft that playoff due to the fact that I was carrying the full team.”

Perez was 10-for-20 (.500) with 2 homers and 5 RBIs successful the Braves’ NLCS triumph implicit the Mets.