Brazilian Singer and Latin Grammy Winner Dies in Plane Crash

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Singer Marilia Mendonça performs successful  Sao Jose dos Campos, Brazil connected  Sept. 25, 2021. (Will Dias/Futura Press via AP)

Singer Marilia Mendonça performs successful Sao Jose dos Campos, Brazil connected Sept. 25, 2021. (Will Dias/Futura Press via AP)

SAO PAULO—Marília Mendonça, 1 of Brazil’s astir fashionable singers and a Latin Grammy winner, died Friday successful an airplane crash connected her mode to a concert. She was 26.

Mendonça’s property bureau confirmed her decease successful a statement, and said 4 different passengers connected the formation besides perished. Their level crashed betwixt Mendonça’s hometown Goiania and Caratinga, a tiny metropolis successful Minas Gerais authorities located northbound of Rio de Janeiro.

Minas Gerais state’s civilian constabulary besides confirmed Mendonça’s death, without providing details astir the origin of the accident, which occurred soon earlier arrival. Photographs and videos amusement the level laying conscionable beneath a waterfall; Mendonça had posted a video this day showing her walking toward the plane, guitar lawsuit successful hand.

On Friday evening, the quality triggered an outpouring of sadness connected societal media from each corners of Brazil, including fans, politicians, musicians, and shot players. Her Instagram relationship has 38 cardinal followers.

Brazil_Mendonca_Obit_21310085848624 This handout photograph shows the airplane that crashed that was transporting Brazilian singer Marilia Mendonca, successful the southeastern Brazilian of authorities Minas Gerais connected Nov. 5, 2021. (Minas Gerais Military Firefighters Corps via AP)

“I garbage to believe, I conscionable refuse,” Brazil shot prima Neymar, who is simply a person of Mendonça’s, said connected Twitter aft the quality broke. Brazil’s authorities besides offered its condolences.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro besides utilized societal media to mourn the passing “of 1 of the top artists of her generation.”

“The full state receives the quality successful shock,” helium said.

Her medium “Em Todos os Cantos” won her the 2019 Latin Grammy for champion sertanejo album. She was nominated for the aforesaid grant this twelvemonth for “Patroas.”

Mendonça was besides celebrated for her romanticist songs, often expressing the nonaccomplishment of loved ones.

“You ever marque maine cry, you’re unsocial and eternal,” said instrumentality Michelle Wisla connected Twitter.

Mendonça leaves down a son, who volition crook 2 years aged adjacent month.

By Mauricio Savarese

The Associated Press


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