Brazilian singer Marília Mendonça dies in plane crash on way to concert

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Marília Mendonça, 1 of Brazil’s biggest singers and a Latin Grammy winner, has been killed successful a level clang connected her mode to a concert.

The 26-year-old popular prima died alongside her producer, her uncle – who worked arsenic her advisor – and some the aviator and co-pilot of the plane.

Her property bureau said their level crashed betwixt Mendonça’s location municipality of Goiânia and Caratinga, a tiny metropolis 220 miles northbound of Rio de Janeiro. The craft was astir 7 miles from Caratinga, her destination for that evening’s gig.

Mendonça posted a video to her 38 cardinal Instagram followers showing her walking toward her level portion carrying a guitar lawsuit hours earlier her death. Photographs and videos amusement the wreckage of the level laying beneath a waterfall.

The rising prima performed state music, successful Brazil called sertanejo. She was known for tackling feminist issues successful her songs, specified arsenic denouncing men who power their partners, and calling for pistillate empowerment.

Minas Gerais state’s civilian constabulary besides confirmed Mendonça’s death, without providing details astir the origin of the accident, which occurred soon earlier arrival. An probe has been launched to find the origin of the crash.

Politicians, sports stars and fans each made tributes to the singer. “I garbage to believe, I conscionable refuse,” Brazil guardant Neymar tweeted astir the passing of his friend.

The Brazilian president, Jair Bolsonaro, besides utilized societal media to mourn the passing “of 1 of the top artists of her generation”.

“The full state receives the quality successful shock,” helium said.

Mendonça was the astir listened to creator successful Brazil connected Spotify past year, and acceptable a grounds during the pandemic arsenic she moved her concerts online. One show was the most-watched unrecorded watercourse successful the world, peaking astatine 3.3 cardinal viewers connected YouTube.

Dubbed Brazil’s “queen of suffering”, she archetypal recovered fame successful 2016 with a much-lauded unrecorded album. Her LP Todos os Cantos won her the 2019 Latin Grammy for champion sertanejo album. She was nominated for the aforesaid grant this twelvemonth for “Patroas”.

“You ever marque maine cry, you’re unsocial and eternal,” said instrumentality Michelle Wisla connected Twitter.

The singer’s unit initially announced she was live and good aft quality of the mishap emerged.

Mendonça leaves down a son, who volition crook 2 years aged adjacent month.