Breakfast with Sharon Salloum: eggplant fatteh (fattet betinjen) – recipe

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Sharon Salloum remembers eating fatteh for the archetypal clip arsenic an eight-year-old portion connected a household travel successful Syria. The rich, filling meal of soft, subtly spiced chickpeas with tahini, yoghurt, fried eggplant and toasted nuts, served implicit Middle Eastern flatbread, had been cooked for the household by her grandma and aunt.

“As a kid, a batch of my archetypal Middle Eastern nutrient experiences, and my emotion for them, came from that travel to Syria,” Salloum says.

“It conscionable changed everything for me, and the mode I perceived each the nutrient my mum would navigator astatine home.”

Her mentation of the Levantine crockery features immoderate distinguishing touches: portion she remembers her grandmother’s fatteh being brothy, hers is simply a richer consistency: alternatively of toasting the bread, she fries it until it is golden.

Salloum has ever had an involvement successful food, but initially pursued different nonrecreational paths. Before she and her sister opened Almond Bar successful Darlinghurst successful 2007, they worked arsenic a rehabilitation counsellor and a mathematics teacher respectively.

Sharon Salloum with her sister Carol
Sharon Salloum with her sister Carol. Fatteh has a imperishable spot connected the paper of their cafe, Three Tomatoes. Photograph: Supplied

But “opening a edifice was thing I ever knew I would extremity up doing”.

That edifice closed its doors successful July, aft 14 years. These days the sisters absorption connected their cafe, Three Tomatoes. She says the cafe, present three-and-a-half years old, has shown her a antithetic broadside of hospitality.

“I’m usually down the scenes and I don’t truly get to cognize galore people, but successful a cafe you do, due to the fact that you spot radical truthful often. It’s comic due to the fact that immoderate of them volition really archer america erstwhile they’re going away, truthful that we’re not disquieted – due to the fact that they cognize that we’ll beryllium worried!”

Fatteh has go a mainstay of the cafe’s menu. “When I’ve taken it disconnected the cafe menu, radical person really complained!”

Salloum contrasts cooking Syrian nutrient successful Australia to her “interesting” acquisition of trying to root ingredients portion moving successful Denmark.

“It’s not similar it is here, wherever you go, ‘I’m conscionable going to popular implicit to Granville to get this, oregon I’m conscionable going to spell to Haberfield, to the food place.’”

“It made maine realise however fortunate we are. We person truthful galore options disposable – immoderate benignant of groceries you want, immoderate ingredient, they’re truthful easy accessible.”

Her cafe is successful Ashbury, successful Sydney’s interior west, and prevention for 2 things – existent zaatar, and Syrian godforsaken truffles – Salloum says she finds everything she needs locally.

Her different lesson, aft a decennary and a fractional of moving kitchens, is to disregard the ongoing quest for Instagrammable plates: “I tried for a portion there, and past I benignant of stopped, due to the fact that I realised I conscionable needed to beryllium existent to myself and the cuisine.”

“Middle Eastern nutrient is specified a rustic benignant of food, and it’s not astir presentation: it’s astir being hearty, and afloat of soul, and afloat of flavour.”

Sharon Salloum’s fattet betinjen

Prep 25 min
Soak overnight
Cook 45 min
Serves 4

 Blake Sharp-Wiggins
Sharon Salloum’s Fattet betinjen (eggplant fatteh). Styling: Ann Ding, Photograph: Blake Sharp-Wiggins Photograph: Blake Sharp-Wiggins/The Guardian

150g dried chickpeas
1 tsp bicarbonate of soda
1 portion of cassia bark oregon cinnamon quill
2-3 bay leaves
2 tsp brackish flakes
150ml rootlike oil
1 circular portion of mediate eastbound bread, chopped into eighths
1 small-medium eggplant (250g)
, chopped into 1.5cm cubes
½ cupful (140g) hulled tahini
¼ cupful citrus foodstuff (60ml, foodstuff of astir 2 tiny lemons)
1 tsp freshly crushed achromatic capsicum
2 ail cloves
, crushed
300g earthy yoghurt
¼ cupful (35g) slivered almonds
, roasted
¼ cupful (40g) conifer nuts
, roasted
A tiny fistful parsley leaves
, astir chopped
Extra virgin olive lipid for drizzling

Place the chickpeas and bicarbonate of soda successful a bowl, screen generously with h2o and permission to soak overnight.

In the morning, drain, past spot the chickpeas successful a tiny saucepan and determination successful capable h2o to screen generously. Cook the chickpeas connected a precocious vigor to start. Once they travel to a boil, trim the vigor to low. Use a slotted spoon to skim disconnected immoderate scum connected the surface.

With the chickpeas connected debased heat, adhd the cassia, bay leaves and 1 spoon of brackish and navigator for astir 15-20 minutes oregon until the chickpeas tin beryllium crushed easy betwixt your thumb and scale finger. Drain the chickpeas and region the cassia and bay leaves.

Heat the rootlike lipid successful a medium-sized fry cookware oregon saucepan implicit medium-high vigor and fry the breadstuff for 10-15 seconds connected each side, until it is aureate brownish and crisp. Remove from the lipid and drain connected a sheet lined with insubstantial towels.

In the aforesaid oil, fry the cubed eggplant until golden-brown. The eggplant volition soak up each the lipid astatine first, but volition merchandise it backmost into the cookware arsenic it cooks. Remove and drain connected a sheet lined with insubstantial towels.

Place the brushed chickpeas, tahini, citrus juice, pepper, ail and remaining spoon of brackish successful a bowl. Using a woody spoon, premix the ingredients together, mildly crushing the chickpeas successful the process. It should person a paste-like consistency; adhd 2 to 3 tablespoons acold h2o if you find the consistency is excessively thick.

Break the fried breadstuff into ample pieces and spot successful a shallow serving bowl. Spread the chickpea substance implicit the bread, past spoon the yoghurt evenly implicit the top. Add the fried eggplant connected apical of the yoghurt and decorativeness with the roasted almonds, conifer nuts and chopped parsley. Finally, lightly drizzle with the olive lipid and serve.

Note: almonds and conifer nuts tin beryllium toasted successful a adust pan, oregon roasted successful a 180 grade oven for 15-20 minutes, turning the tray astir halfway done cooking.