Breaking up is hard to do, but when you realize your life is at stake, suddenly the choice becomes crystal clear.

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There whitethorn beryllium nary greater contributor to the #2 origin of deaths crossed the United States (cancer) than the saccharine but far-from-innocent constituent that has recovered its mode into astir of the pre-packaged foods that enactment our market aisles and are stashed distant successful our room cabinets.

Hiding successful Plain Sight

Before you pat yourself connected the backmost for avoiding the evident culprits (cookies, cakes, and pies), instrumentality a agelong look astatine the hidden forms of this force that robs america of our wellness and steals years from our life.

Don’t kid yourself. Sugar is not conscionable contiguous successful those cookies, candies, and desserts that are easy recognizable arsenic villains. Sugar is besides contiguous successful a whopping 74% of a assortment of savory packaged goods similar breads, pasta sauce, and adjacent alleged “healthy foods” similar yogurt oregon those useful meal bars made with not-so-real effect and full grains.

Just a glimpse astatine the ingredients of galore of these communal foods that unaware shoppers see “healthy” — reveals a staggering unhealthy magnitude of sugar. And for crab patients, this is simply a deadly decision.

How Much Sugar Are You Eating?

A batch has changed, and not for the better. Over 200 years ago, the mean American consumed an mean of 2 lbs. of sweetener per year. Now, the mean American consumes an mean of 152 lbs. of sweetener successful 1 twelvemonth – oregon 3 lbs. of sweetener successful 1 week!

And portion we whitethorn kid ourselves that we’re avoiding added sweetener by foregoing that spoon oregon 2 of achromatic granulated sweetener into our java oregon tea, we’re often sabotaging our ain efforts by not recognizing the hidden sweetener contented successful a assortment of communal foods.

For example:

  • 12 oz. sodas incorporate upwards of 11 teaspoons of sugar
  • Quaker Chewy Yogurt Granola Bars incorporate 10 grams of added sweetener per bar
  • Dannon Strawberry Fruit connected the Bottom yogurt contains 15 grams of added sweetener per 5.3 oz. container
  • Monster Energy drinks incorporate 54 grams of sweetener per 16 oz. can
  • Honey Nut Cheerios incorporate 12 grams of added sweetener per cup
  • Yogurt-covered raisins incorporate 64 grams of full sweetener per 100 gram serving
  • A 20-ounce vessel of Heinz herb ketchup contains astir 2/3 cupful sugar
  • Jack Daniel’s barbecue condiment contains astir 1 cupful sweetener successful each 19 oz. bottle
  • One cupful of regular baked beans contains astir 5 teaspoons of sugar
Epoch Times Photo Added sugars are contiguous successful galore foods nether assorted names. (Viki Mohamad/Unsplash)

Don’t Be Fooled — Know the Names of Sugar

Always cheque the ingredients connected the packaged foods and drinks you buy. Look for and debar sweetener successful each its forms: glucose, maltose, sucrose, lactose, dextrose, fructose (basically thing that ends successful -ose), earthy sugar, brownish sugar, powdered sugar, effect foodstuff concentrate, high-fructose maize syrup, sorghum syrup, maize sweetener, molasses, alcohol, and synthetic sugars specified arsenic sorbitol, mannitol, xylitol, Nutrasweet, and Equal.

Cancer is Fueled by Sugar

If you’ve work my book, I Used to Have Cancer, past you cognize that I learned rapidly that crab feeds connected sweetener of each kinds. Not lone does sweetener person a antagonistic effect connected the body’s pH, scientists person discovered that proteins linked to crab tin beryllium activated by glucose (remember, that is simply a signifier of sugar).

Once you’ve got sweetener retired of your system, you won’t miss it! Your sensation buds volition statesman to “re-set” and your sweetener cravings volition go a happening of the past. You’ll observe the sweetness of vegetables, and your assemblage volition convey you.

Learn much astir however saying goodbye to sweetener tin beryllium a almighty deterrent to cancer. Check retired I Used to Have Cancer, disposable online and astatine your favourite bookstore. Learn however to debar communal pitfalls erstwhile dealing with cancer, arsenic good arsenic however to substantially summation your likelihood of beating this disease!

Also spot my latest video interrogation with crab subsister and erstwhile World Champion utmost skier Alison Gannett. Her conflict with crab included her find of the relation glucose played successful the enactment of a precise ample encephalon tumor. I deliberation you’ll find the interrogation fascinating.

And remember, if we tin bushed crab (and we did), YOU can, too!

James Templeton founded Uni Key Health Systems successful 1992 and present the Templeton Wellness Foundation arsenic a mode of giving backmost and helping others execute the wellness and wellness they are seeking.

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