Brendan Fraser books DC Comics blockbuster on comeback trail

11 months ago 136
Brendan Fraser Brendan Fraser scored his adjacent relation successful DC Comics' "Batgirl" film. Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

Call him the comeback kid.

Brendan Fraser has conscionable scored his adjacent large movie role. The 52-year-old volition marque his big-screen DC Comics debut successful the upcoming Warner Bros. “Batgirl” flick.

While the “Mummy” prima is already a portion of DC’s ever-growing household with his relation arsenic Cliff “Robotman” Steele successful the HBO Max bid “Doom Patrol,” fans volition spot Fraser successful his caller relation erstwhile “Batgirl” hits the streamer sometime adjacent year.

His circumstantial quality is inactive nether wraps; however, fans person speculated that helium volition represent the villain Firefly.

Jacob Scipio alsoy joined the cast, and “In the Heights” star Leslie Grace volition play Barbara Gordon, a k a Batgirl.

Fraser is having rather the twelvemonth with a slew of comeback roles slated for merchandise into adjacent year. The “George of the Jungle” histrion has shied distant from the limelight successful caller years due to depression. In 2018, helium candidly shared that a erstwhile Hollywood Foreign Press Association president allegedly groped him in 2003.

Brendan Fraser Fraser’s upcoming projects see “Killers of the Flower Moon” and “The Whale.”Getty Images

However, contempt his struggles, Fraser has respective projects successful the works. He volition adjacent beryllium seen in Darren Aronofsky’s play “The Whale.” After shooting that film, Fraser volition commencement accumulation connected Martin Scorsese’s “Killers of the Flower Moon.” Fans besides precocious saw Fraser successful the Steven Soderbergh flick “No Sudden Move.”

Fans person campaigned for Fraser to measurement backmost into the spotlight. In August, a TikTok video of him went viral in which helium had a virtual gathering with cosplayer Lindley Key. She told the “School Ties” prima that galore of his fans are inactive supporting him. 

“There are truthful galore radical retired determination who emotion you,” Key explained to Fraser. “And we’re rooting for you, and we can’t hold to spot what you bash next.”

Fraser couldn’t assistance but consciousness the emotion and smiled arsenic helium tipped his hat to the affirmation. “Shucks, ma’am,” helium gushed astatine the time.