Brian Kelly appears to use southern accent in LSU address

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Brian Kelly took his talents distant from South Bend, and instantly appeared to make a confederate accent.

The caller LSU caput manager stepped connected the tribunal with a microphone astatine the Tigers’ hoops crippled connected Wednesday, and spoke with a confederate twang that everyone connected the net finds hilarious.

“This is simply a large mode to get started, and I haven’t adjacent won each my games yet,” Kelly told LSU fans. “It’s a large nighttime to beryllium a Tiger. I’m present with my family, and we are truthful excited to beryllium successful the large authorities of Louisiana.”

The connection “family” was peculiarly exaggerated, and sleuths person already figured retired that helium said the connection precise otherwise portion completing his Irish exit earlier this week addressing his erstwhile Notre Dame players.

I decided to spell ace investigatory. Here’s Brian Kelly saying “family” 2 days agone astatine Notre Dame… and Brian Kelly saying “family” contiguous astatine LSU. Some of my champion work.

— Jeff Darlington (@JeffDarlington) December 3, 2021

Kelly already has been ridiculed nationally this week for the mode helium near Notre Dame. The squad is inactive successful the premix for a nationalist title. The quality broke while an adjunct was leaving a recruit’s house. His awkward four-minute speech to his erstwhile team, astatine 7 a.m., was promptly leaked.

In the precocious stakes of top-level assemblage football, each that volition truly substance for Kelly is if helium wins shot games astatine LSU. If helium does that, nary 1 volition attraction astir his bare insincerity. But, his past 3 predecessors – Ed Orgeron, Les Miles and Nick Saban – each won nationalist titles astatine LSU, truthful he’s going to beryllium graded connected a lofty curve.