Brian Laundrie Autopsy ‘Inconclusive,’ Remains Sent to Anthropologist: Lawyer

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An autopsy for Brian Laundrie, the idiosyncratic of involvement successful the execution of Gabby Petito, was inconclusive aft his remains were discovered successful a Florida wildlife sphere past week, according to a lawyer.

“No mode oregon origin of decease was determined” arsenic of now, said Laundrie household lawyer Steven Bertolino successful a connection to quality outlets connected Monday. The remains were sent to an anthropologist “for further evaluation,” Bertolino told NBC, adding that determination is nary timeline connected erstwhile the valuation would beryllium completed.

Bertolini told People mag connected Sunday that Laundrie’s “remains volition beryllium cremated and determination volition beryllium nary ceremonial service,” adding the household has “no further remark astatine this clip and we inquire that you respect the Laundries’ privateness astatine this time.”

The FBI confirmed that remains recovered astatine the belonged to Laundrie, who traveled with Petito, his ex-girlfriend, implicit the summertime crossed the United States. Petitio’s assemblage was discovered successful a distant country successful Wyoming, and a coroner confirmed her mode of decease was a homicide.

Near Laundrie’s remains were his belongings, including a bag, and a notebook, the FBI besides said.

The FBI connection did not database a origin of death. It wasn’t wide however agelong the remains whitethorn person been submerged successful h2o earlier it was located.

“Forensic anthropologists are called upon erstwhile the situation has ravaged oregon removed the brushed tissue,” Dr. Heather Walsh-Haney told WPBF-TV. “Soft insubstantial markers that the forensic pathologist would use.”

Officials said Laundrie returned to his parents’ North Port location unsocial connected Sept. 1. Petito’s household filed a missing idiosyncratic study connected Sept. 11, portion Laundrie went missing respective days later.

Several weeks ago, the FBI charged Laundrie with slope fraud aft allegedly utilizing a debit paper successful an unauthorized mode to retreat money.

The probe into Petito’s slaying, meanwhile, has not yet been completed. Only Laundrie has ever been identified by instrumentality enforcement officials arsenic a idiosyncratic of involvement successful the case.

They archetypal gained an online pursuing portion connected their travel successful a converted Ford Transit van successful videos filled with blessed scenes that whitethorn person concealed deeper problems. After Petito disappeared, the lawsuit became a true-crime obsession connected societal media.

The mates was stopped Aug. 12 by constabulary successful Moab, Utah, aft they had a carnal altercation, but nary home unit charges were filed. The constabulary section determination is conducting an interior reappraisal to find if argumentation was followed.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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