Brian Laundrie's Autopsy Results Come Back Inconclusive

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By Newsy Staff
October 25, 2021

A forensic anthropologist volition proceed to investigate.

Brian Laundrie's archetypal autopsy results came backmost inconclusive and a origin of decease has not been determined. That's according to his family's attorney.

Experts accidental determining a origin of decease whitethorn beryllium hard since lone skeletal remains were found. However, a forensic anthropologist volition proceed to investigate.

Laundrie's household says determination volition beryllium nary ceremonial for him. He volition beryllium cremated. 

Authorities recovered his remains past week connected a way adjacent a Florida reserve wherever they'd been looking for him for implicit a month. 

Laundrie was is the lone idiosyncratic of involvement successful the decease of his fiance Gabby Pettito.

The brace had been connected a travel successful the occidental U.S. erstwhile Laundrie returned location without her.

Her remains were recovered successful Wyoming. Her decease was ruled a homicide.