Bring it home: stay, try and buy holiday getaways

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Settle, Norfolk

A clump of restored railway carriages and a handcrafted lakeside cabin, Settle is situated successful 30 acres of backstage parkland connected the borderline of Thetford Forest. Hosts Jo and John person clad the interiors successful a palette of lukewarm earthy materials that bespeak the earthy surroundings. From the contents of the section meal handbasket to the handmade rustic broadside plates, each point is disposable to acquisition and has been sourced from UK-based, autarkic producers with dependable ethical standards. There is besides an enticing onsite store for guests to ransack, arsenic good arsenic an online version, too.
Carriages from £200 per night,

The Castle of Trematon, Cornwall

House of Hackney, Lifestyle, Trematon Castle, 2021
Photograph: Mark Cocksedge

The plan workplace House of Hackney has been a frontrunner successful maximalist interiors for much than a decade. Now customers tin effort earlier they bargain by booking a room, compartment oregon lodge astatine the Castle of Trematon – an “immersive marque experience” successful the grounds of a erstwhile Norman stronghold connected the Tamar estuary. The rooms are decorated successful House of Hackney prints, featuring floral motifs, animals and exotic birdlife and are intended to enactment arsenic a “miniature depository for irreverent British design”. Everything you spot is disposable to bargain and instrumentality location oregon acquisition via the website.
From £150 a night,

Kindred House, Margate, Kent

Morning light

Host Natasha Lawless has transformed this elegant, Victorian townhouse into a restful retreat inspired by the enactment on which it sits. As good arsenic offering originative play workshops specified arsenic earthy dyeing, wood carving and soap making, Lawless sells “soulful items for the home” including vintage glassware, earthy beeswax candles and shapely ceramic vases. There are besides plans to usage the location arsenic a showroom for section designers and makers. There are presently 2 serene treble rooms disposable – the precocious rooms are inactive a enactment successful progress.
From £120 a night, including breakfast. Workshop attendees person 15% discount connected their stay,

Hawthbush Farm, East Sussex

Hawthbush Dusk Feb 2019-163
Photograph: Sarah Weal

At the ft of the South Downs is an integrated workplace wherever you volition find the Gun Brewery and Amly botanical skincare, some of which marque usage of the mineral-rich springwater 60m beneath the farm’s wildflower meadows. Guests tin enactment successful 1 of 3 self-catering cottages with shared entree to a cedar blistery tub and games barn. A caller pat country opens successful December, portion Amly products tin beryllium pre-ordered and near for guests connected arrival. The workplace besides hosts artists successful residence who marque and merchantability pieces inspired by their surroundings.
From £900 for a agelong weekend,

Old Town Haus, Hastings, East Sussex

Photograph: Andreas Bleckmann

This Georgian impermanent location successful Hastings Old Town opened successful May having been painstakingly restored by a lensman and decorator duo who unrecorded connected the little floors. Lime plaster walls and exposed timber ceilings supply the backdrop for “modern rustic” curiosities. Most objects successful the rooms are disposable to bargain online, on with an eclectic scope of selectively sourced artwork, furnishings and homeware, including statement-making factual planters, abstract canvases, immense Hungarian dough bowls, Bauhaus-inspired furnishings and uncommon photograph books.
From £110 per night, including breakfast,

Spot House Farm, Warehorne, Kent


This off-grid, micro-campsite successful the debased weald of Kent is tally by textile decorator Gemma Shepherd. There are conscionable 2 doorbell tents (with woodburners) successful a meadow connected the borderline of a 500-acre woodland. Each has with earthy jute flooring, crisp achromatic linen and hand-crafted woody furniture. Shepherd’s lamb’s wool textiles are handmade successful the neighbouring studio. Campers tin instrumentality location a hand-stamped merino wool cushion, turmeric-toned bolster oregon De Stijl-inspired broad to punctual them of their stay.
Two doorbell tents (sleeping 6-7 people) are disposable from £350 per night,

The Farmer’s Loft, Spark Bridge, Ulverston

Photograph: R Hayton

The Farmer’s Loft is simply a three-bedroom self-catering flat connected the apical level of The Farmer’s Arms – a historical inn overlooking the Crake Valley. The inn has precocious been brought backmost to beingness by Grizedale Arts aft a palmy crowdfunding campaign. Upstairs, the loft has retro furnishings and brightly patterned textiles. An country downstairs is being transformed into a assemblage arts centre offering trade classes, accumulation abstraction andwith a store showcasing section artists.
From £1,200 for a seven-night break,

Mole Cottage, Presteigne, Powys

Mole Cottage, Presteigne, Powys
Photograph: Justyna Kulam

Heated slate floors, lime plaster walls and reclaimed materials characterise this diminutive vacation cottage successful the Welsh borderline municipality of Presteigne. The proprietor is Justine Cook – a decorator and collector of beauteous objects. Cook has precocious made her ain marque of “detailed minimalism” disposable to acquisition via a monthly online brocante. Items see a postulation of earthy ephemera (Baobab effect pods, structural dried stems), vintage lighting and fabrics, workplace pottery and furnishings from the cottage. Sign-up for the monthly newsletter oregon travel @harpstudio_curatedcupboard for details of the adjacent sale.
From £250 for 2 nights,

The Curator’s Apartment, Bath

Others of the flat  (inside and surrounding area) The Curator’s Apartment 3a LondonStreet, Bath-Kinden Property
Photograph: Toby Mitchell

This is an elegant, art-filled vacation flat successful the centre of Bath. “I based the furnishing conception connected idiosyncratic who loves a substance of the aged and the new,” says the owner, Tina Liu, “and would person much accepted forms of creation hanging connected the walls arsenic good arsenic much gallery-like installations.” Work by modern artists Lawrence Calver and David Hardy are connected show and, this autumn, the creator Mimi Robson volition beryllium successful residence. (Liu rents the flat escaped of complaint to artists who permission a portion of enactment behind.) All enactment is disposable to buy, with prices starting astatine £180.
From £145 per night,

The Barrel Store, Cirencester

This 14-room hostel is housed wrong a honey-coloured chromatic building, wherever guests volition brushwood a scope of section craftsmanship. The metallic bunk beds person been designed and welded by a section smithy, the blankets person been woven successful the adjacent colony of Filkins and the bespoke solid pendant lampshades were blown successful New Brewery Arts – a trade workplace and accumulation abstraction that’s conscionable adjacent door. Guests are encouraged to enrol connected a originative people during their enactment and instrumentality location immoderate handmade items portion they are there.
From £40 per nighttime (single occupancy),