British man to be deported from Denmark under post-Brexit rules

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A British antheral is being deported from Denmark due to the fact that helium did not cognize helium had to use to enactment successful the state aft Brexit.

Will Hill, 37, was ordered to permission by Sunday. His exertion to stay, made 3 weeks late, had been rejected, arsenic was an entreaty to the migration authorities.

He volition instrumentality to London connected Friday, leaving down his cybersecurity vocation and his fiancee, Ida Bøgelund Larsen, who said the determination had near her “worried and confused and nervous”. The wedding they planned successful January is present successful doubt.

He said: “This wouldn’t beryllium happening to maine if it wasn’t for Brexit, due to the fact that I would beryllium treated arsenic an EU citizen.”

Hill’s lawsuit came to airy 2 weeks aft different British national, Philip Russell, told however helium excessively was facing deportation. Like Hill, helium did not cognize until aft the deadline helium had to use to stay successful Denmark post-Brexit and was ordered to permission by 6 December connected the grounds that his exertion was 4 days late.

He called connected the British authorities to “condemn Denmark’s behaviour”. “Denmark is utilizing the incompetence of their ain migration services arsenic an excuse to deport UK citizens,” helium said.

Liberal enactment EU spokesperson Mads Fuglede said the cases were a breach of the withdrawal statement and called connected the Danish migration department, SIRI, to re-examine the cases of the estimated 290 British radical who applied precocious for their Brexit paperwork.

He told the Politiken paper that the connection by SIRI to British nationals astir the request to reapply for residency rights for post-Brexit beingness was “unsatisfactory and not working”.

Hill, who voted stay successful the Brexit referendum, said helium had nary prime but to instrumentality to his parents’ location successful Surrey. He is present readying to use for a visa nether household reunion rules and hoping helium volition not miss his wedding, scheduled for the extremity of January successful Denmark.

Under the withdrawal agreement, immoderate EU national successful the UK oregon British national successful an EU subordinate authorities could stay successful the state with residency, employment and societal payment rights. Denmark acceptable a deadline of 31 December 2021 for residency applications, but some Russell and Hill accidental they received nary connection to that effect.

“Beyond maine being successful a coma and saying I wasn’t alert that I needed to bash this, determination doesn’t look to beryllium immoderate mode astir this,” said Hill.

When his exertion was initially rejected, helium made an entreaty complying with requests for grounds of settled beingness and enactment successful Denmark.

“They asked maine to supply truthful overmuch accusation astir my work, my idiosyncratic life, my narration with my partner, everything. They adjacent asked maine to supply photographs of maine and Ida, and successful the extremity they rejected it due to the fact that I missed a deadline. They weren’t funny astatine each successful the information that I person integrated into the country, that I americium moving afloat time, I americium paying my taxes,” helium said.

A spokesperson for SIRI said it could not remark connected idiosyncratic cases. She said the section had made “every effort” to guarantee that the exertion process was arsenic casual arsenic imaginable and that the authorities had launched “information campaigns with extended accusation connected the consequences of Brexit and guidance connected however to apply”.

SIRI said it had received 290 precocious applications, suggesting that galore British nationals present look deportation.

The Foreign Office said the UK authorities had tally a large run to pass UK nationals of the interaction of Brexit and that much than 18,000 British nationals had applied for post-Brexit residency rights successful Denmark.

“The Danish authorities volition judge precocious applications if determination are tenable grounds for missing the deadline,” said a spokesperson for the Foreign Office.