Britney Spears & fiancé Sam Asghari toured Jeffree Star’s flashy mansion

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Gimme much — property.

A period aft her dad, Jamie Spears, was suspended from her 13-year conservatorship, the recently engaged Britney Spears was spotted with her fiancé, Sam Asghari, connected Tuesday day location shopping.

The two, who person been unfastened astir wanting to find a caller location aft her conservatorship officially ends, were seen touring a $16.5 cardinal Los Angeles property successful the upscale Hidden Hills country that once belonged to constitution guru Jeffree Star.

The determination to commencement buying for caller houses comes aft Britney’s lawyers hired subject information specialists to expanse her existent Los Angeles mansion implicit the alarming allegations that her dada was spying connected her and had bugged her house.

The caller spot that Spears and Asghari looked astatine is located successful the gated Ashley Ridge conception of Hidden Hills — and would beryllium a large upgrade from her contiguous location successful the Thousand Oaks neighborhood.

Britney Spears and New Boyfriend Sam Asghari are newly-engaged. Britney Spears and Sam Asghari got engaged past period and are present buying for caller homes. MEGA

Specifically, the location is made up of 7 bedrooms and 13 bathrooms, spanning astir 20,000 quadrate feet. By contrast, her existent location is made up of 5 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms and spans implicit 13,000 quadrate feet. However, successful presumption of land, her existent location has 20 acres, arsenic opposed to the 3-acre location she was spotted touring.

The Hidden Hills location is precise secluded and would supply optimal privacy. It comes with 2 guesthouses, a 4,700-square-foot store for 10 oregon much cars and a 3,700-square-foot barn accessed by a abstracted driveway, according to the listing.

The location  spans astir   20,000 quadrate  feet.The location spans astir 20,000 quadrate feet.
A circular driveway. The location comes with a circular driveway.
The expansive  foyer opens retired  to 2  expansive  double-staircases.The expansive foyer opens retired to 2 expansive treble staircases.
The gym is made up   of 2  stories.The gym is made up of 2 stories.
The 2nd  level   fittingness  area.The second-level fittingness area.
The library.The library.
The sitting area.The sitting country extracurricular the vino cellar.
Th amusement  country  beneath  the crippled  room.The amusement country is beneath the crippled room.
The massage and spa room. The massage and spa room.
The movie   theatre comes with custom-made seating.The movie theatre is custom-made with reddish velvet seating.
The arcade country   with a bedewed  bar.The arcade country with a bedewed bar.
The solid  elevator.The solid elevator.

A French-Normandy-style estate, the location comes with respective top-notch amenities, including a reddish velvet-designed location theatre with customized seating, a ample crippled country with a bedewed bar, a two-story gym with a steam and a sauna, implicit with a location spa and a vino tasting country with a refrigerated vino cellar, the listing states.

Additional features see a ample gourmet room that opens to the household room, 2 offices, a crafts room, a library, a harmless country and a sculptural solid elevator.

The main location has 5 bedrooms, including the superior en-suite bedroom, which comes with dual baths, customized closets, a steam shower, a retreat with a fireplace and upland views.

The property  is gated with optimal security.The property is gated with optimal information and comes with 2 guesthouses.
The excavation  array  room.The billiards room.
The hallways connected  the 2nd  floor.The hallway connected the 2nd floor.
One of 2  barbecue areas.One of 2 barbecue areas.
The customized  made location  theatre.The custom-made location theater.
A presumption    of the unfastened  level  plan. A presumption of the unfastened level plan.
One of respective  surviving  spaces with a occurrence  place.One of respective surviving spaces with a fireplace.
The gourmet room  features 2  islands.The gourmet room features 2 islands.
The ceremonial  eating  room.The ceremonial eating room.
The excavation  with a blistery  tub.The excavation with a blistery tub.
The excavation  comes with a gazebo.The presumption of the excavation astatine night.
The store  holds up   to 10  cars.The store holds 10 cars

Exterior amenities see a pool, a spa, a occurrence pit, 2 barbecue spaces and 2 covered patios.

A root antecedently told Page Six that upon proceeding the judge’s ruling that her begetter would beryllium suspended from her conservatorship, Britney became overly emotional.

“Britney burst into tears upon proceeding the judge’s decision,” the root explained. “For the longest time, she had begun to deliberation that she would ne'er spot the time that her father’s domineering power implicit each azygous facet of her beingness would end, but it yet happened.”

The insider added: “She’s successful daze and astatine a nonaccomplishment for words but virtually jumping for joy. She hasn’t felt joy similar this successful 13 years.”